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Being international leaders means being intuitive, quick,creative and innovative. RUPES has been following these principles since1947 and thanks to its R&D department and to the exceptionally high qualityof its products it is considered one of the leading players of theinternational professional tool market. Based in Italy, home of some of the most amazing designersand automobile manufacturers, Rupes stronglybelieves that innovation, design, quality and integrity come above all else.

Rupes designs and manufactures several car polishers andbuffers and each tool is designed and tailored to match each respective marketsdemands. With their dedication to provide a superior product they ensure thateach machine undergoes rigorous testing before a single one leaves the factory.Chemical Guys is now carrying the Big Foot Rupes LHR 15ES and LHR 21ES. These RandomOrbital Big Foot" Polishers are truly professionally manufactured worksof art.

Rupes Machines are used during R&D testing of productsand pads to ensure the highest quality finishes, by Chemical Guys authorized detailingfacilities and by students receiving professional training at Smart DetailingUniversity. You can find these units and the entire lineup of Rupes pads in allChemical Guys Showrooms and online.