Interior How-To's

Discover the best techniques for maintaining a clean and pristine interior with Chemical Guys. Learn how to detail your car's interior like a pro with our step-by-step guides.
How to Apply Trim and Vinyl Protectant
Revive your car's trim and vinyl with a simple clean, apply, and buff process. This method ensures deep shine, protection against grime, and enhanced vehicle appearance.
How to Clean and Protect Rubber Floor Mats
Keep your car's rubber floor mats spotless and durable. This guide covers vacuuming, using specialized cleaners, scrubbing techniques, and applying protectant for a renewed look.
How to Properly Clean Black Wheels
Learn to clean and shine black tires effectively. This guide covers the steps for thorough cleaning, degreasing, and optional shining for a striking, like-new appearance.
How to Clean Car Carpets & Upholstery
Learn effective methods to clean car carpets and upholstery, including hand, drill, and DA machine techniques, tailored for different stain types.
How to Use HydroThread to Protect Your Car's Interior
Learn to use HydroThread Ceramic Fabric Protectant effectively, including preparation, application, and adapting drying times based on climate and fabric type, plus tips for maintaining long-lasting protection.
How to Remove Bad Odors from Your Car's Interior
This guide covers identifying and removing sources of bad odors in cars, cleaning methods, and effective use of air fresheners and A/C systems to refresh your vehicle's interior.
How to Protect Your Car's Carpets from Spills & Stains
Safeguard your car's carpets from spills and stains effectively. This guide explains how to apply Fabric Guard for long-lasting protection against liquids and UV damage.
How to Choose the Right Leather Cleaning Products for Your Car
Select the right leather cleaning products for your car with this detailed guide. Tailored to different leather conditions, it offers steps for cleaning, conditioning, and protecting to maintain leather's quality.
How to Clean and Protect Leather Car Seats
Discover how to maintain your leather car seats with this guide. Learn the steps for cleaning and protecting leather, ensuring it stays soft, clean, and resilient against damage.