How to Clean Your Engine Bay

When was the last time you cleaned your engine bay? Just because it’s hidden away under your hood doesn’t mean your car's engine shouldn’t be a part of your regular car detailing plans! Regular cleanings are crucial for ensuring maximum performance and safe operation of all vehicle functions all the time. Giving your car's engine bay an "internal car wash" can remove buildup and gunk that can end up in air intakes, gaskets, and other troublesome nooks and crannies of the engine compartment.  Follow these simple steps to get your engine looking like new. 

Make Sure Your Engine is Cool

This should go without saying, but make sure your engine is cool.  Putting any sort of liquid on a hot engine can end in disaster. 

Cover Sensitive Areas

To start off, let’s cover sensitive areas like the intake, alternator, distributor, battery, battery terminals, and other electrical components so they don’t get water on them. We like to cover those areas with a microfiber towel and then cover them with a plastic bag to be extra sure that they don’t get water on them.

Rinse Loose Dirt and Grime

Use a pressure washer to rinse down the loose dirt and grime. If you're able to use a high-pressure attachment, a garden hose can work here, but it's not recommended.  Stay at least a foot away from delicate components so you don’t damage them!

Clean Surfaces

Spray All Clean on surfaces and allow it to penetrate for 15-30 seconds and start scrubbing. To clean large, flat areas, you can use a Grey Flagged Tip Brush. To clean hard to reach areas, you can use a Red Rocket Brush. It’s flexible and bendable and fits virtually anywhere. For intricate details, you can use the detailing brush like the Boar’s Hair Brush to fit into areas where larger brushes don’t fit!

After cleaning all desired surfaces in your engine bay, rinse off spent product and grime using your pressure washer, then use a premium microfiber towel to dry the surfaces and remove excess water.

Add Shine

Finally, grab a water-based dressing like VRP to add a deep black shine back to your engine bay!

Safety Check

Cleaning your engine is a time when you can thoroughly inspect parts and areas you normally don’t see. Getting in depth with the drivetrain, suspension, braking, and structural components is a prime time to diagnose any faults and fix small problems before they leave you stranded in the wilderness, or worse… Prevent accidents by checking the throttle for proper action. Take the time to check all hoses and lines are in place and free of breaks and cracks while cleaning engines. Look for loose bolts or frayed belts around harnesses and safety restraints. Find coolant and oil leaks and early to save an engine, and replace a strut in lieu of a leaky fork seal to make landings much softer and safer. Keep your machine clean and 100% functional to ensure safe operation during every detail!

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