Backing Plates

Attach a backing plate to your rotary or dual-action polisher to polish away swirls, scratches, and water spots, and effortlessly apply waxes, sealants, and glazes.

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More about our Polisher Backing Plate

A polisher backing plate is a must for auto detailing jobs that use a machine polisher. Not only can you take care of scratches and swirls, but you can also get an even application of sealants & waxes. Plus, a quality backing plate like these can reduce wear and tear on pads and be replaced when needed.

Get into hard-to-reach places by using backing plates made with flexible materials like molded urethane. Browse our selection to find the right option for your garage.

Sizing of Backing Plates

The plates come in various sizes for different types of jobs. The 3" backing plate is best for small and hard-to-reach spots thanks to its small size. The 5" backing plate is a medium size that can get into smaller areas but can tackle more surface area than the 3". The larger 6" option can cover the largest surfaces areas in less time.

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