Microfiber Towels & Blowers for Drying

Whether you’re looking for a plush, absorbent drying towel, a hand-held blower, or a buffing towel for detailing, our drying products are designed to get the job done quickly and done right. Made with 70/30 blended microfiber, Chemical Guys’ towels are super soft, machine washable, and reduce the risk of scratching automotive surfaces. Find your preference below and finish your vehicle to a spotless shine.

Use our interactive video to find exactly which products you need for the job at hand. Click through to learn about our different types of professional-grade products.

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More about our Microfiber Cloths for Cars

Premium Grade Microfiber

Microfiber is a blend of Polyester and Polyamide, and the ratio of the two determines the softness of the fabric. While low-grade 80/20 microfiber towels can be rough on your paint, Chemical Guys uses a 70/30 blended microfiber for an extra soft feel that drastically reduces your chances of scratching automotive surfaces.

Colored Towels

We've designed our car drying towels in specific colors on purpose. The rich colors like blue and purple highlight dirt—so you can see when it’s time to flip the towel (or grab a fresh one) to avoid scratches from the dirt captured on the towel.

Some of our multi-purpose towels come in a variety of colors, too, so you can designate a different colored towel for different purposes in your garage. For example, you won’t use the towel you cleaned your wheels with on your interior, for example.

What Does "Pile" Mean?

When we talk about towels, ‘long piles’ means fabric with longer fibers. They are designed for drying and absorb more moisture. They’re also more plush than short pile towels so they can be utilized as finishing towels.

Short piles are not as plush, so they’re better for all-around cleaning jobs like windows, compound/wax removal, and general spot cleaning. Short piles allow you to get into crevices and give you more scrubbing power.

For some of our dual-sided drying towels, you’ll get both. Use the thick side to soak up moisture from detail sprays and water-less wash solutions. Use the thin weave on the other side to buff away dried wax, sealant, and polish without fear of scratching the surface. 

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