We are passion-filled car enthusiasts that work every day to make the things we love shine their brightest and look their best.

  • A Place to Learn

    We love to share our passion to shine and there is no better way to do that than to show our team members what we are all about.

    During your career at Chemical Guys, you will be involved in gaining knowledge around car care, the products we carry, and the right way to utilize them to make our customer's cars look their best!

  • Career Growth

    Do you want to Shine? Then join us and become part of our family!

    As part of the Chemical Guys brand, our team members have an opportunity to grow within the organization. 

  • Community & Growth

    Chemical Guys prides itself on the amazing community that supports us. Whether you love to climb rocks with your 4x4, take your vintage classic for a weekend cruise up the coast or use your sports car for some laps on the track, we want you to share that experience with us.

    Not only do we have retail stores to connect with our customers but, we love to see you enjoying your rides at your local Detail Garage events!

Current Job Openings

There are no open positions at the moment. Please check back at a later date. Thank you.