Wheel & Tire Cleaners

Restore the shine and luster of your wheels & tires with these sprays, designed to remove brake dust & contaminants and bring back that deep shine.

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More about our Wheel & Tire Cleaners

Brake dust, water stains, and harmful UV rays can cause rim corrosion, staining, and tire dry-rot over time. The best way to combat these issues is with quality products designed for wheels and tires.

Our premium wheel and tire cleaners use high-performance foam to dissolve persistent contaminants, eliminate brake dust and road grime, and guard against environmental damage. revealing a renewed, gleaming appearance.

Chemical Guys has developed unique chemical formulas for these products—from deep cleaning foams that don't require scrubbing to a proprietary citrus-based formula that combines all-natural citrus extracts and oxygen generators for serious cleaning power. Elevate your tire care routine with Chemical Guys’ expert tips and professional products.

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