All-Purpose Car Interior Cleaners

Don’t let the dust pile up! Clean and protect your car’s interior with our All-Purpose Cleaning sprays and wipes. Our formulas are made to wipe away dirt, dust, and body oils without leaving a residue on interior surfaces.

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More about our Interior Cleaning products

Cleaning the interior of your vehicle couldn’t be easier. Chemical Guys’ all-purpose cleaners work on a variety of materials and can be used to clean dashboards, door panels, steering wheels, shift knobs, vinyl seats, and, depending on the product, leather or glass as well.

Add UV protection

When you set out to clean your car’s interior, don’t just wipe away dust and dirt. You can also protect your dashboard, vinyl seats, and door panels from cracking and fading due to harmful UV rays. Our cleaners with UV protection include Total Interior and Inner Clean. Both are available in spray or wipes.

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Discover the best techniques for maintaining a clean and pristine interior with Chemical Guys. Learn how to detail your car's interior like a pro with our step-by-step guides.
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