Compounds & Polishes

Chemical Guys' compounds and polishes are designed to eliminate paint defects and polish to a like-new shine. With several options in compound abrasiveness and your choice of specialty car polishes, you’ll find what you need for fast-cutting paint correction and removal of scratching, water marks, etching, oxidation, swirling, and holograms.

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More About Our Compounds & Polishes

Use Chemical Guys’ cutting & polishing products to remove imperfections and scratches in your paint, then finish to the glossy shine you want. You’ll use a dual-action polisher or rotary polisher with these products, and they’re designed to minimize dusting to keep your workspace cleaner. There are also no fillers, so the results you see are the true results you get. Use these cutting & polishing products to refine surfaces with supreme optical clarity, including headlights, and get the body shop look.

Please note that some of our compounds and polishes are part of a multi-step process, while other products are one-step solutions, like the VSS polishing compound.

The V-Series

The V-series is a 4-step series of progressively less abrasive cutting compounds, from our most aggressive, the V32, to the final polish, V38.

If you have moderate to deep imperfections and scratches, we recommend starting with V32, then moving on to V34 or V36. Then finish the job with V38 finishing polish. If you have minimal swirling or defects, you can skip right to V36 and end with V38 ultra-refined finishing polish, which restores your paint to a mirror-like shine.

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