Car Air Fresheners & Odor Eliminators

Eliminate stubborn odors like smoke or pet smells with our air fresheners and odor eliminators. Choose from tons of scents and three types of products: sprays, hanging air fresheners, and vent clips.

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More about our Air Fresheners

How Our Odor Eliminating Sprays Work

When bad smells assault your car or home, you may need to use an odor eliminator, not just cover them up with a different scent. Our long-lasting formula uses active enzymes that neutralize the germs and bacteria causing the odors, then leave behind only the fresh scent of the product.

For serious, stubborn odors, use our Odor Eliminating sprays. For less offensive everyday odors, try our Air Freshener Sprays, which aren’t as aggressive against odors for times when you don’t need it, and have a bit more scent.

Get to know our Car Air Freshener Scents

We have over a dozen scents to choose from.

Here are some of our favorites:

  • Go on the offensive! Extreme Offensive is an odor-eliminating spray that smells like factory-fresh leather.
  • Ghosted Odor Eliminator has a bright citrusy scent that makes bad odors ghost away.
  • DM Squash is a sweet & soapy scent that smells like citrus & candy.
  • Fresh Fade will remind you of a fresh barbershop shave with scents of musk, aftershave, soap, and leather.
  • Signature Scent is a luscious mix of perfume & warm vanilla sugar.
  • Black Frost is a masculine blend of musk & cologne.

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