Exterior How-To's

Get professional results with Chemical Guys' exterior detailing how-to's. Learn the tips, tricks and techniques for maintaining a flawless finish on your vehicle's exterior.
How to Remove Water Spots from Your Car
Water spots can be frustrating and prevent your car from looking it's best. Erase water spots from your car effortlessly, tackling even the toughest stains and ensuring a flawless finish.
How to Prepare Your Car for Winter
Prepare your car for winter with this guide. It covers cleaning and protecting surfaces, ensuring clear windows, easy tire cleaning, and reducing water spots and grime.
How to Make Car Trim Shine
Enhance your car's appearance with effective trim cleaning and protection. This guide covers routine maintenance, removing accidental polish or wax, and using specialized products for a rejuvenated and safeguarded finish.
How to Clean Your Engine Bay
Revitalize your car's performance with engine bay cleaning tips. Learn to protect sensitive areas, effectively remove grime, and inspect for safety.
How to Protect Your Car Wheels
Learn to shield your wheels effectively with this guide. It covers steps for applying protectants like Wheel Guard or Max Coat, ensuring a lasting shine and defense against brake dust, water spots, and UV rays.
How to Clean Tires and Add Shine
Achieve deep-black shine on your tires with this guide. It explains cleaning, degreasing, and protecting steps, using the right products and tools for a clean and striking look.
How to Properly Clean Car Wheels
Enhance your car's appearance with proper wheel cleaning. This guide offers step-by-step tips for effectively removing brake dust and grime, even on neglected wheels.
How to Clean and Protect Convertible Tops
Keep your convertible looking pristine with this easy guide. Learn to clean and protect soft tops from dirt, pollution, and water damage, ensuring a lasting OEM look.
Chemical Guys Dilution Chart
Maximize your cleaning efficiency with the Chemical Guys Dilution Chart. Learn to adjust concentrations for various cleaning tasks, ensuring optimal use of full-strength products.
How to Wax Your Car
Discover the perfect way to wax your car for a gleaming finish. This guide covers various wax types like cream, paste, and spray, detailing both machine and hand application methods.
How to Restore Oxidized Headlights
Learn to restore oxidized headlights and enhance vehicle safety and appearance. This guide explains causes of oxidation and offers clear, practical steps for headlight renewal.
How to Polish Metal on Your Car
Learn how to revitalize your car's metal parts with Chemical Guys Metal Polishes. Choose Heavy for deep oxidation, Light for mild cases, and restore that brilliant shine.
How to Apply Glaze to Your Car
Unlock the secret to a flawless car shine with glaze! Perfect for filling in light swirls and scratches, it's a detailer's top choice for a mirror finish.
How to Clay Your Car
Unlock the Detailer's Secret with Clay Bars. Learn how to restore your car's paintwork to a smooth-as-glass finish and protect it from environmental damage.
Understand the Hex-Logic Pad Color Chart
Hex-Logic offers a wide variety of pads that range in density, smoothness and finishing capabilities. Understand the difference in the color of pads, their strengths and purpose.
How to Protect Your Car with a Sealant
Learn how to use a sealant to make your car shine and protect it from extreme weather and temperatures that rapidly break down natural waxes.
How to Choose the Right Compound or Polish
While there's no cookie-cutter answer for what will work for every car, there is a method to selecting the best combination of machine, pad and polishing compound. Learn the Chemical Guys method.
Top 5 Foam Cannon Tips and Tricks
Maximize your foam cannon's efficiency with tips on the right pressure washer, soap, water temperature, car pre-rinsing, and proper maintenance.
How to Quickly Detail your Car with Quick Sprays
Explore the benefits of using quick detail sprays for maintaining your car's shine. This guide explains how to effectively use them to remove dust, dirt, and other contaminants, ensuring a lasting, impressive finish.
What is the Two Bucket Scratch Free Wash Method?
The trick to scratch and swirl free paint is to use two buckets when washing your car, a good quality mitt, premium towels, and a dirt trap bucket filter.
How to Clean Car Windows & Glass Without Streaks
Learn how to clean your car windows without leaving streaks on your glass. Follow these simple steps and keep your interior and exterior glass streak free.
Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid when Detailing a Car
Discover the top 5 mistakes car owners make when detailing their car and learn how to avoid them with Chemical Guys' expert advice.
The 5 Don'ts of Washing Your Car
Learn the top five car wash mistakes that can be damaging your ride's exterior and what to do instead.
How to Wash Your Car
Master car washing at home with this guide. It covers essential supplies and the two-bucket method for a scratch-free clean, ensuring a professional finish.