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Give a deep clean and signature shine to all your surfaces with the All Interior and Exterior Detailing Brush Kit! Get a ho ... ld of four specialized detailing brushes so you always have the right tool for the job and a brush for every surface!

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The Wet Sanding Kit makes wet sanding quick and easy for beginners and professionals alike to remove orange peel, deep scratches, bird dropping etch ... marks, and oxidation from hazy headlights.

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Give your wheels, wheel wells, engine bay, undercarriage, & trim the same signature shine you give your paint with the All ... Exterior Clean, Shine, & Protect Kit! Knock out dirt and grime, breakdown oil and grease, and help prevent fading and cracking on virtually your entire exterior!

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Show the more neglected areas of your car some love with the Ultimate Undercarriage Detailing Kit! Deep clean, shine, and p ... rotect your undercarriage, wheel wells, subframes, engine bay, and more with everything you need to provide a signature shine all over your car!

$59.99 $129.99 MSRP

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