Intermediate Complete Car Care Deluxe Kit

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Intermediate Complete Car Care Deluxe Kit

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This Complete Car Care Kit features every product the enthusiast or weekend warrior detailer needs to keep their car looking its very best.
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What Makes Complete Car Care Kit Awesome

Wash & Decontaminate

Start by washing away abrasive filth and dirt with Mr. Pink Car Wash Shampoo and the Chenille Microfiber Wash Mitt for a scratch-free shine. Blast away brake dust and restore deep gloss and shine to wheels, rims, tires, and brake parts with Signature Series Wheel Cleaner. Decontaminate paintwork and make it feel smooth as glass with the OG Yellow Clay Bar and synthetic Clay Luber, then remove any pesky swirls and scratches with VSS Scratch & Swirl Remover.

Protect & Shine

Shine and protect paint, metal, and glass against pollution, UV sunlight, birds, and bugs with a good coat of Butter Wet Wax spread to perfection with the UFO Foam Applicator Pads. Restore that just-waxed look with Speed Wipe Quick Detail Spray to remove fingerprints, bird droppings, and light dirt in between full washes, and always wipe with the 3 included Professional Grade Premium Microfiber Towels for scratch-free wiping on any painted or polished surface.

Don’t Forget Your Interior!

Finish off every detail by removing dust and fingerprints from dashboards, door panels, and steering wheels with InnerClean interior quick detail spray, and make tires and bumpers look deep black and brand new with a crisp coating of Silk Shine dressing.

  • Wash, clay, polish, wax, and maintain a showroom shine
  • Mr. Pink combines great cleaning power with slick suds
  • Clean, shine, and protect paintwork, wheels, interiors, tires, and more
  • Better products for superior results
  • Everything you need for a full detail

Please Note: The color and or packaging on accessories featured in the kit may vary from what is displayed in the image.

What's in the Kit

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Dive into the ultimate car washing experience with Mr. Pink, our premium car wash shampoo designed to be the superhero your vehicle deserves. Tough on dirt, yet oh-so-gentle on wax and sealant, Mr. Pink is here to save the day.
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The Chenille Car Wash Mitt is made of extra plush microfiber that holds tons of soapy water to drench your car in thick foaming suds, for a gentle wash that minimizes micro-scratches and swirls.
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Inner Clean is a quick detailer that wipes away dirt, dust, and body oils from interior surfaces and restores a crisp OEM sheen while protecting against harmful UV rays.
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Speed Wipe Quick Detailer is the ultimate high-shine gloss for any exterior! Its wax-free formula cleans paintwork and mirrors, protecting the surface against harmful UV rays and delivering a static-free shine in minutes.
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Butter Wet Wax delivers a warm and lustrous sheen in minutes. This carnauba creme wax protects your vehicle against UV rays and produces a streak-free shine, melting into the paint like butter for an easy on/off application.
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Signature Series Wheel Cleaner is a powerful (and dilutable) citrus-based wheel cleaner that is tough on brake dust and dirt, but gentle enough for most wheel finishes and materials.
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VSS Scratch & Swirl Remover is an all-in-one polishing compound that cuts just enough to quickly remove light to moderate swirls, scratches, and defects in your car’s paint, then finishes like a fine polish to deliver a mirror finish in just one step.
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Silk Shine is a sprayable water-based dressing that restores a like-new look with a silky finish. It’s perfect for beautifying and preserving interior and exterior vinyl, rubber, and plastic without leaving a greasy wet shine.
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The OG Clay Bar is the classic favorite of detailing professionals and enthusiasts. It removes light to medium levels of contamination to make rough vehicle paintwork feel as smooth as glass and helps your wax and sealant last longer.
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The UFO Applicator Pad is a soft foam applicator that spreads an even coat of any Chemical Guys wax, glaze, sealant, dressing, or conditioner on your car. For ultimate control, insert your pointer finger into the applicator to manage tight spaces without touching your trim.
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Our Premium Microfiber Towels are expertly crafted for flawless final-touch wiping, boasting unparalleled softness and lint-free performance.

Product Details

SKU(s) HOL123
Scent Citrus, Candy, Strawberry
Color Yellow, Red
Applicable Finishes Fabric, Leather, Faux Leather, Vinyl, Glass, Paintwork, Plastic, Rubber, Stainless Steel, Metal, Aluminum
Paint Condition Like New, Good, Okay, Poor
Wheel Finish Anodized, Chrome, Clear Coat, Glossy, Matte, Painted, Powder Coat