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Headlight Restoration Kits

Headlight Restoration Kits


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$49.99 $99.99 MSRP

Remove dead and faded plastic, reduce yellowing and oxidation, and return your headlights to pritisine optical clarity with the Drill Powered ... Headlight Restoration & Protection Kit! This one amazing kit equips you with everything you need to harness the power of your standard drill and perfectly polish, restore, and protect your headlights for optimal driving conditions!

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$39.99 $46.99 MSRP

Headlight Lens Restorer and Protectant can help you restore your headlights to a new look removing yellow oxidation from the headlight plastic.

$39.99 $79.99 MSRP

Restore optical clarity and protect your headlights all on your own with the DIY Headlight Restore & Protect Kit! Remove faded and discol ... ored plastic and protect your headlights against UV and weather damage to produce the perfect night driving conditions with this amazing kit!

$39.99 $59.99 MSRP

The Wet Sanding Kit makes wet sanding quick and easy for beginners and professionals alike to remove orange peel, deep scratches, bird dropping etch ... marks, and oxidation from hazy headlights.

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