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The Nice & Stiff Heavy Foaming Fabric Kit

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Refresh all your soft surfaces with the Fantastic Fabric Cleaning Kit! Restore your carpets, floor mats, fabrics, and upholstery in your car, home, office, and more with the perfect starter kit to get your soft surfaces looking clean and fresh again!

Awesome Kit Features:

  • Remove dirt & odor from carpets, fabrics, & upholstery
  • Nice & Stiff Carpet Brush deep cleans interior fibers
  • Scrub and eliminate dirt & grime on interior surfaces
  • Separate individual fibers to lift and remove deep set stains
  • Help restore an OEM appearance to your car’s interior
  • Foaming Citrus Fabric Clean finishes with a soft feel
  • Use the Heavy Duty Bottle & Sprayer for custom dilution
  • Make your interior shine as bright as your exterior
  • Perfect for cleaning your car, home, office, & more

Intense Foaming Cleaning Power

Cleaning foam isn’t just for fun; scrubbing bubbles serve a practical function: The oxygen infused cleaners of Fabric Clean lift and separate dirt particles and stains from deep within fabric in carpets and upholstery for fast and thorough cleaning. Foaming action floats the particles directly to the surface of the material for easy cleanup with a microfiber towel or hot water extractor. Fabric Clean comes blended with odor elimination enzymes that actively destroy odor-causing microbes, eliminating foul odors at their source. Use your included Heavy Duty Bottle & Sprayer to dilute Fabric Clean for your specific needs.

Deep Clean Your Carpets, Upholstery, And Floor Mats

The Nice & Stiff Heavy Duty Carpet & Interior Brush is your deep cleaning solution for those stained and dirty interior surfaces of your car, home, and office! Carpets and fabrics contain individual fibers that trap dirt buried below the surface. Simply wiping down those surfaces oftentimes isn’t enough to get rid of long standing grime and debris. The Nice & Stiff Brush works to separate those fibers and draw set-in dirt and stains out. Simply apply your included Foaming Citrus Fabric Clean Carpet & Upholstery Shampoo and gently agitate with the Nice & Stiff Heavy Duty Carpet & Interior Brush to easily extract deep set dirt and grime.

Give Your Interior The Same Shine As Your Exterior

So you’ve just given your car a brilliant Chemical Guys shine and you’re feeling good about the squeaky clean gleam you’ll be driving around in, but where do you sit? Give your car’s interior an equally brilliant clean with the Fantastic Fabric Cleaning Kit. Don’t drive another day with a gorgeous exterior and disgusting interior. Deep clean your carpets, upholstery, and floor mats with this amazing kit and make your car’s inner cleanliness match its outside shine. Impress everyone who steps foot in your car by giving your whole ride the full Chemical Guys treatment with the Fantastic Fabric Cleaning Kit!

The Nice & Stiff Heavy Duty Carpet & Interior Brush is the hard working, stiff bristled, intense cleaning brush that reaches deep into fibers, lifting dirt and grime, to restore a spot and stain free new appearance to your carpet, durable upholstery, floor mats, and more!
4 Sizes
Foaming Citrus Fabric Clean
$10.19 $10.19 $19.99
Fabric Clean dissolves and removes dirt, odors, and stains from automotive carpets, fabrics, and upholstery with hi-sudsing, deep penetrating foaming bubbles for professional detailing results.
For big detailing jobs, professionals ditch stock sprayer heads and upgrade to chemical resistant Heavy Duty Sprayer Bottles to hold more product and dispense more solution with every squeeze.