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The Complete Package Foam Blaster Wash, Shine, Protect Kit

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What's In the Kit

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Lucent Spray Shine is a synthetic spray wax that delivers a brilliant, streak-free shine with minimal effort. This easy-to-use spray rejuvenates and enhances any colored painted surface, providing extreme shine and lasting protection.

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Streak Free is the gentle, tint safe glass cleaner that removes dirt, dust, fingerprints, grease, oil, and grime with no left over residue, no streaking, and no fuss.

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Watermelon Snow Foam Shampoo smells exactly like a juicy seedless watermelon ready to be carved up and creates the thick foaming suds that only Chemical Guys snow foams can produce.

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The Waffle Weave Towel is an ultra-soft towel made of 70/30 microfiber, perfect for streak-free window and glass cleaning.

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The Foam Blaster 6 adds variable foam action to paintwork during your car wash without an expensive pressure washer- simply attach to your garden hose, turn the dial, and shoot cleansing foam.

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The Cyclone Dirt Trap is a car wash filter that uses nearly 300 cyclonic funnels to trap dirty wash water under the filter and keep abrasive particles off your mitt for the perfect scratch-free wash.

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Sticky Citrus Gel is a thick viscosity all-natural wheel cleaner that clings to wheels and rims—fighting dirt and debris without rolling off.

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The Happy Ending Towel is a fluffy edgeless towel tailored for the softest touch on sensitive surfaces that traps and insulates any missed dirt, dust, and debris to help prevent swirls and scratches.

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Silk Shine is a versatile water-based dressing that restores a like-new look with a satin shine finish to interior and exterior vinyl, rubber, and plastic, without adding any extra greasy wet shine.

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The Woolly Mammoth Microfiber Drying Towel is the softest, shaggiest, and most-absorbent microfiber drying towel ever made. The unmatched one-inch thickness and 36”x 25” size lets you dry your vehicle in just one pass.

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