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Total Extract Tire & Rubber Cleaner

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Revitalize your tires with Total Extract Tire & Rubber Cleaner. This essential detailing product eliminates dirt, tire blooming, grime, discoloration, and old dressing buildup, restoring your rubber tires and trim.

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  • Among our wheel cleaners, Total Extract is best for combating tire blooming and discoloration to restore a like-new, deep black appearance.
  • Formulated for use on tires and rubber trim
  • Quickly cleans and degreases 
  • Helps tire shine & dressings last longer
  • Effectively removes old wax build-up, tire blooming (browning), and grime
  • Preps tires for next-step tire shine, protectant, or ceramic coating applications

What makes Total Extract awesome

Get Rid of Brown tires

Restore your tires' deep, dark color with the Total Extract Tire & Rubber Cleaner. Unsightly brown tires or tire “blooming” can make your tires look dull and old. Total Extract Tire & Rubber Cleaner uses a fast-acting, nourishing formula to penetrate deep into rubber, giving life back to old brown tires and restoring them to a deep black OEM look. 

Rejuvenate plastic trim

Formulated specially for use on tire and rubber pieces, Total Extract is also incredible when used to remove old wax build up out of body lines, trim components, and plastic edging on vehicles. Ideal for use on any rubber, plastic, and non-porous polycarbonate surface, this product helps set your vehicle apart from the rest!

Prep Your Tires & Get the Most Time Out of Your Dressing

This cleaner strips away old browning dressings while allowing for tire dressings, tire shine products, and ceramic coatings to be applied to a clean surface—delivering better results that can last longer. Cleaning your tires and rubber trim properly before applying a dressing helps ensure a proper bond between the chemical and the surface for longer-lasting results.


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Recommended For Tires, Trim Tires Tires, Trim Wheels, Tires
Cleaning Power Moderate Moderate Light Moderate
ph Balanced Formula
Color Changing
Adds Protection
Adds Hydrophobic Properties

How to use Total Extract

Always ensure the wheels and brakes are cool before you use this product. Rinse the tire with water to loosen debris and dust. 

Shake Total Extract Tire and Rubber Cleaner and then spray directly onto the tire surface. Scrub tire with a tire brush, then rinse thoroughly with water.

After the tire dries completely, apply desired tire shine, coating, or ceramic coating. 

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SKU(s) CLD30216
Product Form Liquid
Applicable Finishes Rubber

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