Incite Foaming Wheel Cleaner

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Incite Foaming Wheel Cleaner

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Incite Foaming Wheel Cleaner is a color-changing foam that makes for effortless restoration and maintenance of your wheels. Just spray it on and watch as it magically removes dirt, grime, and brake dust.
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  • Among our wheel cleaners, Incite Wheel Cleaner is an all-purpose aerosol foaming cleaner that changes colors as it cleans your wheels.
  • Thick aerosol foam clings to surfaces to effortlessly break down stubborn dirt and grime
  • Sprays on blue then turns white when it's ready to remove
  • Vertical clinging formula sticks hard to wheel surfaces
  • Safe for use on glossy wheel finishes
  • Provides a showroom-new finish with no need for excessive scrubbing

What makes Incite awesome

Clinging Foam for prolonged contact

Unlike traditional liquid cleaners, Incite's unique aerosol formula vertically clings to surfaces, providing prolonged contact time for effective cleaning. Its foaming action and color-changing technology effectively break down tough dirt, grime, and brake dust, leaving your wheels looking brand new.

Get into tight crevices

Powered by advanced technology, Incite's fast-acting foaming action delivers a blanket of foam coverage, penetrating into tight crevices and gaps where dirt and grime accumulate. After the color changes, you simply rinse it off or use a brush to deal with heavy-duty grime. The result is a brilliant clean finish that restores your wheels to their showroom glory.


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Recommended For Wheels Wheels Wheels, Tires Wheels
Cleaning Power Moderate High Moderate Light
ph Balanced Formula
Color Changing
Adds Protection
Adds Hydrophobic Properties

How to use Incite

Always ensure the wheels and brakes are cool before you use this product. Rinse the wheels, shake Incite Foaming Color Changing Wheel Cleaner, and spray it on the wheel. 

Let sit for 10-15 seconds until the foam turns white. For tough grime, use a brush to agitate the product. Rinse with a sharp stream of water, then dry with a premium microfiber towel and enjoy your clean wheels! 

Please Note: Always test in a small, inconspicuous area before first use

Product Details

Product Form Aerosol
Applicable Finishes Stainless Steel, Metal, Aluminum
Wheel Finish Anodized, Chrome, Clear Coat, Glossy, Painted, Powder Coat

Chemical & Ingredient Information

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