Deep Clean-Maintain & Protect

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Deep Clean-Maintain & Protect

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Revitalize your car's cabin with our Deep Clean-Maintain & Protect. Designed to tackle every interior nook and cranny, this kit includes ultra-soft microfiber towels, a powerful surface cleaner, a ceramic quick detailer, and a Boar's head brush.  Enjoy a fresh, spotless, and like-new interior with ease! 
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What's in the Kit

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The Secondary Container Dilution Bottle is perfect for professional detailers and hardcore enthusiasts who need to mix and dilute chemicals from full-strength gallon jugs. Get the exact strength you want right in the spray bottle. They’re crystal clear for easy visual level checks and make your detailing job faster and easier.
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Prepare for a whirlwind of action as these towels defy limits, soaking up grime and leaving nothing but brilliance behind. Feel the rush as they effortlessly glide, leaving a trail of perfection in their wake. These are not just towels; they're the backbone of every detailer's arsenal.
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Choose between Soft or Normal bristles with the Boar's Hair Detailing Brush. This brush makes car cleaning exciting, reaching nooks and crannies with precision. Don't settle for less when caring for your vehicle.
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It's invisible, colorless, and odorless, packing a serious punch for car interiors, wheels, tires, and beyond. Say bye-bye to dirt and stains on any surface, without a trace of color, odor, or chemical residue left behind!
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Revolutionize your car's interior with HydroInterior, bringing the power of ceramic coating to your dashboard and trim. Upgrade your detailing with easy application, UV resistance, and self-cleaning properties for a long-lasting, non-greasy finish.

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