Sticky Icky Car Cleaning Gel 4-Pack

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Sticky Icky Car Cleaning Gel 4-Pack

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Introducing Sticky Icky Cleaning Gel, your fun and effective cleaning companion! Sticky Icky tackles tough messes in your car, home, or office with ease. Get ready for a fresh, green apple-scented clean that’s easy, versatile, reusable, and fun to use!

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  • Perfect Car Cleaning Tool: Tackle car air vents, dashboards, steering wheels, and more.
  • Easy to Use: Press Sticky Icky into cracks or on surfaces for a quick clean.
  • Reusable: Use whole or tear into pieces, and reuse until the gel darkens.
  • Gentle but Tough: Gentle on surfaces but tough on dirt and debris.
  • Green Apple Scent: Enjoy a refreshing green apple scent while cleaning.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for car, home, and office cleaning tasks.
  • No Residue: Leaves surfaces clean with no residue.
  • Compact & Portable: Easy to carry and store for on-the-go cleaning.


Effortless Car Cleaning with Sticky Icky

Sticky Icky is ready to conquer your car’s toughest cleaning challenges! Designed to swiftly tackle hard-to-reach spots like air vents, dashboards, steering wheels, and cup holders, It makes on-the-go dust removal a breeze. Simply press the gel into cracks or onto surfaces, and watch as dust, debris, pet hair, and more adhere effortlessly, leaving your car interior spotless and with a hint of refreshing green apple scent. Let Sticky Icky do the dirty work and get stuck on clean with your grime-fighting buddy!


Reusable Magic: Whole or Torn

Sticky Icky is not just another cleaning tool; it’s your fun and reusable cleaning buddy! Use it as a whole for larger areas or tear off small pieces for detailed cleaning. This high-tech cleaning compound is gentle on your car’s interior yet tough on dirt and grime. Sticky Icky is reusable and can be used repeatedly until it darkens and loses its stickiness. Its super moldable formulation means it’s always ready to bend and fold into virtually any shape you need to do all your cleaning. Cleaning just got way more fun with your new best cleaning buddy, Sticky Icky!


Versatile Cleaning for Every Space

Sticky Icky isn’t limited to just your car. This versatile cleaning gel is perfect for home and office use, too! Quickly detail your computer keyboard, laptop, calculator, TV remote, and more. Sticky Icky makes cleaning a pleasant experience with its fresh green apple scent, leaving every space clean and lightly refreshed. Cleaning just got way more fun with your new best cleaning buddy, Sticky Icky! He looks cool, smells great, and cleans even better. Enjoy a clean, fresh environment with Sticky Icky, the perfect tool to grab and trap dust, sand, crumbs, and more!


Sticky Icky Door Panel
  1. Make sure your hands are dry and clean.
  2. Use the whole gel for larger cleaning jobs, or get a small piece of the cleaning gel for detailed cleaning.
  3. Squeeze and shape the gel into a ball.
  4. Roll the gel ball over dirty surfaces.
  5. Place the cleaning gel back in the jar.


Store in a cool place. Use repeatedly until the cleaning gel turns dark, has visible particles, or becomes sticky, then replace. Keep away from carpets or fabrics. 

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SKU(s) CJB1004
Scent Green Apple
Product Form Gel
Color Blue