Sticky Icky Advanced Kit

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Sticky Icky Advanced Kit

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Keep your vehicle spotless with our Sticky Icky Advanced Kit. Our innovative sticky gel tackles dust easily, while pro-grade microfiber towels ensure a streak-free finish. Revitalize your interior with our Total Cleaner and add a glossy finish with our VRP Shine & Protectant. Drive in style—because your car deserves nothing less!
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What's in the Kit

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Introducing Sticky Icky Cleaning Gel, your fun and effective cleaning companion! Sticky Icky tackles tough messes in your car, home, or office with ease. Get ready for a fresh, green apple-scented clean that’s easy, versatile, reusable, and fun to use!

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Total Interior cleans and protects virtually any car interior surface and is available in three pleasing scents—simply mist and wipe for professional-level cleaning results.
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Prepare for a whirlwind of action as these towels defy limits, soaking up grime and leaving nothing but brilliance behind. Feel the rush as they effortlessly glide, leaving a trail of perfection in their wake. These are not just towels; they're the backbone of every detailer's arsenal.
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VRP is an easy-to-use protectant that restores a deep black look, enhances shine, and protects vinyl, rubber, and plastic surfaces against harmful UV solar rays.
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Whether you're prepping for a car show showdown or simply want to turn heads on the streets, the Premium Grade Microfiber Applicator is your ticket to automotive glory. The ideal choice to apply the perfect amount of your favorite Chemical Guys' waxes, sealants, glazes, dressings, and more without scratching the surface. So, why settle for less? Grab yours today and experience detailing perfection like never before.

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