C4 Clear Cut Correction Compound (16oz)

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C4 Clear Cut Correction Compound (16oz)

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C4 is our polishing compound developed for fast-cutting paint correction in the shortest time possible. This heavy-cut compound scratch remover finishes down like a polish, removing defects, scratching, acid rain marks, etching, swirling, and holograms.
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  • Among our compounds, C4 is a moderately abrasive compound that can remove medium scratches, leaving you ready to follow up with a polish without further steps.  It is less abrasive than V32
  • Easily removes surface defects, water spots, swirls & etching
  • Rapid results that look professional
  • Works with dual action polisher, rotary, or by hand
  • Removes 1200 grit and finer sanding marks
  • Ensures your coating bonds properly and lasts its longest
  • Maintains consistent cut from start to finish
  • Produces virtually zero dust
  • Use with P4 Polish for a perfect paint finish in only two steps

What Makes C4 Compound Awesome

C4 stands for Clear Cut Correction Compound. This best-selling compound is more abrasive to remove deep imperfections on paintwork surfaces. It quickly removes defects, scratching, acid rain marks, etching, swirling, holograms, and 1200+ grit sanding marks.

Unlike heavy-duty abrasive compounds that can leave marks while they cut, C4 leaves minimal compounding swirls & micro-marring, eliminating the need for additional paint refinement before final polish. And unlike other heavy-cutting compounds that produce copious amounts of dust and debris, adding work time to your job, C4 polishing compound produces low dust, so you can get on with your day. For the ultimate shine, follow this up with P4 Polish.


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How to Use C4 Compound

Use a dual-action polisher or rotary polisher. With a dual-action polisher, you’ll use 4-5 drops and moderate pressure until the product becomes clear. With a rotary polisher, you’ll use 4-5 drops and just the weight of the machine until the product becomes clear. Remove residue with a clean microfiber towel. Watch our demo video for a step-by-step demonstration. For precision showroom results, finish with Chemical Guys P4 Polish.

Product Details

SKU(s) GAP11616
Scent Fruity
Product Form Creme / Paste
Applicable Finishes Paintwork
Paint Condition Okay, Poor
Polisher Required Yes
Cutting Pad Required Yes

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