How to Apply Glaze to Your Car

Everyone has heard about polishing your car, but not many know about the best kept detailer’s secret: Glaze!

Glazes contain micro-refined oils, fillers, and leveling agents to fill in light swirls and scratches. Scratches and swirls are tiny cuts or grooves into the clear coat of your paint. The harsh angles of the cuts catch the light, and thus appear as imperfections on your otherwise pristine car. Glazes fill in those scratches and swirls to temporarily even out the surface creating a smooth surface that the light simply bounces off of creating a wet mirror finish.

Who Uses Glazes?

Detailers use glazes after polishing to fill in those left over tiny scratches and swirls that you simply can’t polish out, or that were missed. Any Chemical Guys glaze will leave the surface looking dripping wet and is sure to impress even the most discerning customer. Enthusiasts use glazes to fill in minor swirls or scratches when they don’t have the time or resources to perform a full correction. Show car owners use glazes to give their ride an unmatched mirror reflection to impress judges and show goers all over.


Step 1: Wash

Begin by washing your car using any of your favorite Chemical Guys soaps! This will remove any dirt or contaminants from the surface of the paint to prevent scratches from forming when you apply the glaze.

Step 2 (Optional): Clay

If your paint is rough to the tough and not smooth, then you may need to clay your car in order to prep the surface for the glaze. This will ensure the glaze bonds directly into the pores of the paint and fills in any light scratches and swirls.

Step 3 (Optional): Polish

For best results, polish the paint to remove the majority of heavy scratches and swirls. This will allow for the glaze to fill in the lighter microscopic imperfections and bring out the maximum shine from the paint.

Step 4: Apply

Apply just a couple dots of glaze to a Microfiber Applicator. A little goes a long way so make sure you don’t apply too much to the applicator. Also, make sure that the glaze is evenly dispersed on the applicator to prevent blotchy application.

Step 5: Work In

Work the glaze into the paint using the Microfiber Applicator. Gently apply it to the paintwork working in a crosshatch motion to evenly spread the glaze. Reapply glaze to the applicator as needed throughout. Allow 20 minutes before proceeding to the next step.

Step 6: Wipe

After waiting 20 minutes for the glaze to fully bond, take a 2-Faced Microfiber Towel and buff off all the excess product. The glaze should come off nice and easy to reveal a beautiful, high shine!

Pro-Tip: Save Time and Use a Da Machine to Apply the Glaze

Did you know you can apply glaze using a DA machine!? It allows you to cover more surface area in less time thanks to the power of TORQ. We would recommend using any of the TORQ DA machines like the TORQ10FX or the TORQ15DA with a Black Hex-Logic Finishing Pad.

Da Machine Application

Simply repeat Steps 1-3 as explained above. Then, for Steps 4-6, do everything the same except instead of a Microfiber Applicator use a Black Hex-Logic Finishing Pad and your TORQ DA machine.

Save time while still enjoying all the wonderful benefits of a glaze!

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