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BLACK LIGHT Hybrid Glaze

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BLACK LIGHT is pure eye candy for black and dark-colored cars. The amazing hybrid glaze adds tons of deep wet shine, fills in minor imperfections, and lays down a layer of durable sealant in one easy step.


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Side by side showing the high gloss shine after applying BLACK LIGHT
  • Among our glaze products, BLACK LIGHT is specifically formulated to enhance black and dark-colored cars 
  • Delivers incredible deep-wet shine on dark paint
  • Repels & reduces dirt and dust adhesion to paint
  • Seals & fills minor imperfections & scratches
  • Lets you skip the time-consuming sealing step
  • Fills in swirls without cutting or polishing
  • Evens out paint surface for mirror-like reflection

What makes BLACK LIGHT awesome

Customized Care For Your Black Car

If left untreated, black paintwork fades, oxidizes, and shows scratches like no other color. Black Light protects and enhances black paint to give it a sinister glowing reflection. The intense gloss enhancers and micro-refined oils in this glaze fill minor swirls and scratches, reducing their visibility and allowing the surface to better reflect light with a dark mirror shine.

Advanced Sealants Lock In Candy Sparkle

Sunlight, weather, and pollution damage can degrade painted finishes over time, which is especially visible on black cars. Black Light contains premium UV inhibitors that block harmful solar rays, protecting and maintaining the dark glow of your car. It also helps protect dark paintwork against brake dust, industrial fallout, and water spots.


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  BLACK LIGHT Hybrid Glaze Wet Mirror Finish Glaze
Product BLACK LIGHT Hybrid Glaze Wet Mirror Finish Glaze
Price $29.99 $21.99
Adds Protection
Shine Level High High

How to use BLACK LIGHT

Squeeze 3-5 dots of glaze onto a foam or microfiber applicator pad. Apply to the entire vehicle in a thin, even coat. Allow glaze to bond with surfaces for 15 minutes, then buff off with a premium microfiber towel. Once removed, allow 30 minutes of cure time before adding an optional second coat.

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SKU(s) GAP_619_16, GAP_619_64, GAP_619
Product Form Creme / Paste
Applicable Finishes Paintwork
Paint Condition Like New, Good, Okay

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