SDU - Hands On Training

Take your car detailing skills to the next level with Chemical Guys' hands-on training. Learn from the experts and gain the knowledge and techniques to achieve professional results.
Smart Detailing University Hands on Training
Gain expert auto detailing skills at Smart Detailing University. Offering comprehensive courses for enthusiasts and aspiring professionals, SDU is your path to a successful detailing career.
DIY Intro to Buffing and Polishing
Learn pro polishing techniques in the Smart Detailing University class. Master using rotary/dual-action polishers and various paint technologies. Ideal for DIY enthusiasts and professionals.
DIY Basics of Detailing
Master auto detailing with the 'DIY Basics of Detailing' class. Learn key techniques in a hands-on course, ideal for car enthusiasts and beginners.
Master Training Course
Elevate your auto detailing skills with SDU's 5-day Master Training, covering advanced detailing techniques and business acumen for aspiring professionals.