How To: Ultimate Winter Protection and Shine

Give Your Car Ultimate Winter Protection And Shine For Cold Weather Months

Step 1: Clean, Shine, & Protect for Winter

Maintain a crisp, clean finish without the need for buckets and running water by using a waterless wash. Swift Wipe gently picks up dirt and debris while adding a fine layer of sealant to enhance gloss while adding protection. Pair with a soft microfiber towel, rolling your wrist as you wipe to prevent a build-up of abrasive particles on the leading edge which can cause scratches. Remember to always wipe in linear motions to prevent the installation of swirls. Add even more shine with ceramic infused protection by following up with HydroSpeed, easily coat your ride with hydrophobic agents that repel water droplets and harsh elements.

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Step 2: Keep Windows Crystal Clear

Restore clarity and give your windows the same hydrophobic protection it needs to reject winter weather by adding HydroView to your detailing arsenal. Give glass a streak-free finish with a Waffle Weave Microfiber Towel.

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Step 3: Easiest Tire Cleaning Ever

Easily lift old dressings and road filth from tires by using Nonsense All Purpose Cleaner. Gently agitate the surface and let the foaming action do all the work.

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Step 4: Reduce Water Spots, Brake Dust, & Grime

Enhance and protect tires with a durable ceramic layer by applying HydroShield. Dry-to-the touch finish means it won't sling or attract dust making it perfect for exterior and interior use. Keep your wheels looking cleaner for longer with HydroSpin. Powerful ceramic protection lasts up to 12 months, rejecting bad weather, brake dust, water spots and grime with every spray.

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