Big Blue Stiffy Heavy Duty Tire Brush

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Big Blue Stiffy Heavy Duty Tire Brush

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The Big Blue Stiffy Heavy Duty Tire Brush is the durable ultimate tire and carpet revival companion! Engineered with tough, stiff bristles, this powerhouse brush is your go-to for tackling grimy tires and filthy carpets, restoring them to their former glory.
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  • Among our wheel brushes and tools, the Big Blue Stiffy is the stiffest brush and is great for removing grime on durable surfaces.
  • Heavy-duty, extra dense bristle head
  • Deep-cleans and restores tires thoroughly
  • Removes dirt, grime, tar, and more from dingy tires
  • Cleaning with this brush helps new dressings last longer for a brilliant tire shine
  • Works great on carpets and upholstery
  • Use it in your car, around your home, and in your office
  • Anyone can use it
  • Pairs perfectly with CG dressing and protectants

What makes the Big Blue Stiffy awesome

The Deepest, Stiffest Clean a Tire Could Ask For

The rubber meets the road at the tires—but so does dirt, debris, and filth! Get rid of all that disgusting grime with the Big Blue Stiffy Heavy Duty Tire Brush. The stiff synthetic bristles, durable plastic backing, and ergonomic handle form the perfect tool to eliminate dirt and grime and restore your tires to beautiful black. Pair with Chemical Guys wheel and tire cleaners and follow up with tire dressing and protectants to give your tires a brilliant, lasting shine and durable protection. 

Use It Everywhere

The Big Blue Stiffy Heavy Duty Tire Brush doesn’t just effortlessly remove dirt and debris on your tires—it works great on upholstery and sensitive carpets as well! The Big Blue Stiffy reaches deep into fibers to loosen and lift long-embedded grime and stains for easy removal. The stiff bristles and durable design also work well to clean and restore carpets, floor mats, seats, chairs, sofas, and other hard-to-clean surfaces in your car, home, and office.

How to use the Big Blue Stiffy

Always try a test spot before use to ensure satisfactory results. Rinse away loose contamination and spray the tire down with your favorite Chemical Guys tire cleaner or degreaser. Use the Blue Stiffy Tire Brush to easily scrub filth from the tire, around cracks, and through crevices. Repeat if necessary on heavy grime areas. Once contamination is suspended in the cleaner, simply rinse it away with water.

Product Details

Color Gray, Blue
Applicable Finishes Rubber