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How to Clean & Protect a Jeep Soft Top
Products Used:

Jeep users everywhere complain about their soft top. Keeping the top and the windows clean and protected is often a monumental chore. No longer, a few Chemical Guys products and 10 minutes can keep your soft top looking like new.

Step 1
Spray NONSENsE into the bristles of a short handle brush (note: you'll want a brush with soft bristles).

Step 2
Scrub the rag top with the short handle brush to loosen and lift dirt and contaminants.

Step 3
Using a microfiber towel folded in four, wipe the soft top in one direction.

Step 4
Spray Silk Shine onto an applicator and evenly apply it to the rag top. Allow to air dry. Repeat as necessary to assure adequate coverage.

Step 5
Repeat this process every time you was your Jeep. Certain car wash chemicals can stain your Jeep top, so be sure to use NONSENsE to keep your top clean.