HydroThread Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long after cleaning do I have to wait to apply HydroThread?

Wet surfaces don’t make for good bonding. We recommend making sure the surface is dry to the touch before applying HydroThread to ensure the strongest bond possible.

Will it make the surface hard?

HydroThread does not stiffen nor harden nor change the feel of the surfaces to which it is applied, but will imbue them with total surface protection.

I already have a fabric coating on. Can I layer this?

Yes, you can apply HydroThread on top of your existing coating for even more protection!

Can I use it around the house?

Yes! HydroThread works great around the house! Use it on your couch, chair, throw pillows, rugs, carpets, and more!

Can I use it on shoes?

Yes! HydroThread does a great job at protecting your shoes and keeping your feet dry.

Do I have to clean the surface first?

Yes, in order for the product to properly bond to the surface, always clean the surface first with a premium fabric cleaner like Lightning Fast or Fabric Clean.

HydroThread Comparison on Uncoated vs Coated Fabric
Chemical Guys HydroThread No-Stiff Technology

If I have light/white color fabric, can I still use it?

Yes, HydroThread works great on all color surfaces! As always, we do recommend testing a small inconspicuous spot before committing to an entire area.

How long does it take for HydroThread to cure?

HydroThread permeates fabric fast and starts to cure immediately. Depending on the climate, the hydrophobic effects will continue to improve even more after 24 hours of being applied.

Can I layer this product to make it last longer?

Yes, HydroThread can be layered. We have found in testing that 2 rounds are more than enough for any surface we have tested. We do have taxi drivers that have gone as far as 4 coats for extra heavy duty use.

How long do I wait in-between applying multiple coats of HydroThread?

We recommend waiting until the fabric is dry before applying your second coat.

Do I need to dilute this?

HydroThread comes ready to use and does not need to be diluted.

Do I need to use a brush to apply?

We have engineered a product that enables you to apply it in two ways: with a brush or without a brush. After cleaning the surface to be treated, simply spray on for amazing results. For even more protection, use a soft brush like the Horse Hair Brush to brush the product into the fibers.

HydroThread Renewed vs Unrenewed Fabric Comparison
Bottles of HydroThread on a Background

Will it remove stains?

HydroThread is a fabric protectant that does an amazing job at helping prevent stains. If you already have pre-existing stains, remove them first with Lightning Fast or Fabric Clean before applying HydroThread.

Should I apply indoors or outdoors?

HydroThread is so versatile that you can apply indoors or outdoors!

What does it smell like?

Unlike other strong, harsh smelling chemicals, HydroThread has no scent when dry.

How long does it last?

HydroThread can last up to one year. The precise duration of your application will depend on a number of factors, including: the climate where you live, how often you drive your car, how well you applied it, where you store it, and more. HydroThread is so easy to apply, you can apply it as often as you like!

What happens if I get overspray?

We do recommend covering areas where you want to avoid overspray. If you happen to get some overspray, you can simply use an interior cleaner like Total Interior, InnerClean, or Nonsense to wipe it off. If you happen to get some overspray on your paint or windows, you can use a quick detail spray, waterless wash, or glass cleaner to quickly remove it.

How often do I need to apply?

HydroThread is so easy to apply, you can apply it as often as you want! Every situation is different and depends on your car and your specific habits. If your car is a family wagon that constantly has kids spilling drinks and other liquids, a routine of easy application every few months might be a good idea. For lesser driven vehicles that are more pampered, a routine of every 9 months would be a great idea.

Can I use a coupon or promo code on it?

Due to extremely high demand, HydroThread is not eligible for coupon codes and discounts.

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