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One of the world’s largest and most advanced car detailing and auto reconditioning training facilities. Smart Detailing University is an entrepreneurial-minded vocational school for Professional Auto Detailing & Reconditioning. The courses offered provide attendees with the appropriate information, knowledge and certification necessary to start their own lucrative auto detailing businesses.

Smart Detailing University Hands on Training Class

The Smart Detailing University hands-on training curriculum includes detailed instruction from some of the most world renowned detailing professionals. From the first day you set foot in our lecture classrooms and are handed your detailer training guide, to the days that follow getting hands-on guidance in the Professional Detailing Arena. Every step brings you closer to achieving financial success and gratification as a professional detailer.

Smart Detailing University is recognized as one the most dynamic training organizations in the industry today. Our training program will give you the tools, knowledge and experience you need to succeed!

About Chemical Guys Smart Detailing University

We know that there are a lot of decisions you must make before moving forward in any of our auto detail training programs. We guarantee to give you all the information you need to make the right decision and to help you find the business opportunities that are the best fit for you, your budget, and your ultimate success. So don’t be misled by other things you may have heard about getting started in this industry.

The Smart Detailing University program is developed to give students the framework and systems necessary to become more effective detailers and more profitable business owners. Most of Smart Detailing University courses are limited to 9 students to give each student one-on-one individualized attention and guidance from one of our experienced detailing mentors. The Keys to success belong to the students!

The auto detail training industry has a lot to offer anyone willing to spend the time needed to become educated in this lucrative business opportunity. The entire team at Smart Detailing University understands your needs and expectations. We are here to ensure that your auto detail training experience exceeds all of your expectations.

Located in sunny Southern California, our 46,000 square foot training facility is designed around the success of the students. We provide a fast-paced, fun and energetic environment where students and educators interact in an ideal learning environment. If you are not sure which training course is best for you, feel free to give us a call. We at Smart Detailing University will work with you to ensure you find a training that helps you achieve your personal and/or professional goals.

Classes Offered

At Smart Detailing University there are many different options for you, whether you are trying to start your own detailing business or if you are just eager to learn how to keep your car looking great. With one day classes that focus on teaching the enthusiast and detailing lover how to take care of their own vehicle, to classes that provide the business advice and hands on training to create a lucrative and successful career out of your passion - we here at Chemical Guys Smart Detailing University are ready to provide you with all of the knowledge necessary.

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