HydroSlick Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a HyperWax?

There is no easy explanation when you invent something new, but stick with us and here we go! In order to define a category, Chemical Guys had to put innovation first by creating a new product that truly deserves its own category. Introducing HydroSlick Ceramic HyperWax: the first product with the ease of use of a wax combined with the longevity, beading, slickness, and insane shine of a ceramic! Oh ya, did we mention it has no wax? HydroSlick is not a wax, it’s a HyperWax! No compromise can be made in making a HyperWax, meaning that we had to start fresh with a new formula and an idea that had never been done before. We wanted to develop something truly unique and exceptional; a product unlike any other. We love the history and connection you get with a wax, the way it feels when you apply it, and the way it looks, but we also wanted so much more... Adding SiO2 to a wax just doesn’t work. The product just does not shine well or protect well. In order to improve the industry, you have to think outside the box. In our case, this required a new category in the industry! Enter the first-ever HyperWax, a product like you have never seen before that has no wax in it but applies like a wax, shines like crazy, and protects like a ceramic.

How is this different than HydroCharge?

HydroCharge is a Ceramic Spray Coating. HydroSlick is the first-ever HyperWax. Yes, that’s right: HyperWax! We listened to customers across the globe and in the interest of constantly innovating the industry and the category, we wanted to develop something truly unique and exceptional. The idea was to make a product that delivers a superior shine, applies like a wax, and delivers the longevity and protection of a ceramic. HydroSlick is a true ceramic coating just like HydroCharge, but this formulation is offered in a suspension gel for the first time ever, making it as easy to apply as a wax.

Where can HydroSlick be applied?

HydroSlick Being Applied to Car Headlight

HydroSlick can be applied on glossy painted surfaces, glass, headlights, and chrome wheels.

Do I need to clay and polish first?

If you want a flawless finish, then we recommend claying and polishing first, however, you can still apply without claying and polishing and still get the incredible water beading properties!

Is HydroSlick layerable?

Yes, HydroSlick is layerable! You can apply as many layers as you want and as frequently as you want to improve the depth and reflection.

Is this just a wax with SiO2 added?

It is not just a wax with SiO2 added, it is a true ceramic coating engineered from the start as a ceramic coating in easy to use gel format. HydroSlick is the first-ever HyperWax.

Does HydroSlick contain carnauba?

It contains no carnauba, but is as easy to apply as a wax while delivering an even better shine and durability thanks to cutting edge HyperWax suspension gel technology.

Can I apply HydroSlick on top of HydroCharge?

HydroSlilck and HydroCharge Together in Front of Car

Yes! You can apply HydroSlick on top of HydroCharge to make the shine and reflection pop even more!

How often can I apply HydroSlick?

HydroSlick lasts up to one year, but you can apply as frequently as you would like. Let’s look at a few case by case scenarios:

Case 1: Henry drives a 20 year single cab. He knows the paint isn’t new (far from it) but wants it to last as long as possible. Henry HydroSlicks his paint every 6 months to keep that paint looking pristine for 20 more years.

Case 2: Tony drives a brand new GT86. He thinks he’s a racecar driver, but only takes his car out of the garage every Saturday at 11:00 am, and never actually goes over 40mph. Tony HydroSlicks his car every 10 months.

Case 3: Jason drives a super cool off-road rig with 35” tires and goes off-roading every weekend with his faithful Husky, Kuda. If he’s not out camping or forging a muddy river, he’s probably chilling at the beach with his surfboard. Jason HydroSlicks his truck every 4 months.

Can I apply HydroSlick with a DA polisher?

HydroSlick applies and buffs off very easy and doesn’t need to be applied by a machine (please do not apply Hydroslick with a DA, rotary, or any power tool.) The special bonding agents make this perfect to apply by hand without the use of a machine.

Can I apply a glaze, sealant, and wax on top of HydroSlick?

Yes! You can apply your favorite Chemical Guys glazes, sealants, and waxes on top of HydroSlick! Just remember to HydroSlick first and wait 2 - 3 hours after applying HydroSlick.

Where does HydroSlick fall in the detailing flowchart?

HydroSlick is a ceramic coating and would be applied during the "Protective Coating" step before glazing, sealing, and waxing.

Which soap is best for HydroSlick?

Hydro Suds Ceramic Wash

HydroSuds Ceramic Car Wash Soap is the perfect way to add additional shine and protection to your HydroSlick ceramic coating with every wipe of your mitt!

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