Red Hex-Logic Quantum Ultra Light Finishing Pad

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Red Hex-Logic Quantum Ultra Light Finishing Pad

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Red Finishing Pads feature a no-cut design and are ideal for applying smooth, even applications of final sealant and wax coats to sensitive painted finishes. 
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  • Delivers a coat of deep wet shine and protection to your car’s paint after polishing
  • Releases heat more efficiently than before
  • Increases stability for even application of product
  • Reduces wear & tear on pads and polishers
  • Quantum Pad has an added vent hole to prevent overheating

What Makes Red Hex-Logic Quantum Finishing Pad Awesome

Extra Soft Finishing Pads

The soft spreading action of the Red Hex-Logic Quantum Ultra Light Finishing Pad is ideal for applying a flawless coat of sealant or wax with a gentle touch and minimal product waste. These pads are ultra-soft and specifically engineered for delicate and sensitive paint finishes, ensuring a smooth application without the risk of scratches or marring. Their unique design not only leaves a scratch-free shine but also enhances the overall appearance of your vehicle's paint, providing a long-lasting protective layer that keeps your car looking its best.

Even Product Distribution with Less Wear & Tear

The Red Hex-Logic Quantum Ultra Light Finishing Pad features laser-cut hexagons that ensure product is distributed evenly across all surfaces of your paintwork, regardless of shape or angle. The precision-cut, honeycomb-shaped grooves decrease friction and minimize scratching by holding wax and sealant products evenly during application. The Precision Port vent hole at the center reduces heat buildup even further while reducing strain on the pad's core, which helps extend the lifespan of both the pad and the machine thanks to less wear & tear during use. 

How To Use Red Hex-Logic Quantum Finishing Pad

  1. Center the Pad onto your backing plate.
  2. Apply 5 dime-size dots of glaze, sealant, or wax.
  3. Spread the product onto the surface of the vehicle.

Product Details

Color Red
Applicable Finishes Paintwork
Paint Condition Like New