Orange Hex-Logic Medium-Heavy Cutting Pad

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Orange Hex-Logic Medium-Heavy Cutting Pad

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The Orange Quantum Pad is a medium-cutting pad that removes light to moderate defects like swirls, scratches, oxidation, and water spots to restore gloss, depth, and reflection to painted surfaces.
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  • Removes the majority of defects from most finishes
  • Minimizes heat, wear, tear, and user fatigue
  • Achieve the best results with minimal product

What Makes Orange Hex-Logic Cutting Pad Awesome

The Latest Technology For Superior Cutting Power

Hex-Logic pads utilize precision laser-cut hexagons to distribute product evenly across flat or curved surfaces, mimicking bees' honeycomb structure to ensure thorough coverage and a smooth, polished finish with reduced friction and heat. Each ring is flexible, bendable, and easy to wash and re-use. Use it with any Chemical Guys compound or polish to remove oxidation, swirls, and scratches to restore a bright finish.

Tough on Defects, Gentle on Paintwork

The Orange pad combines the correction capabilities of a standard compounding pad with the polishing finesse of a light-cut foam pad. The medium cut balances enough power to remove the majority of defects from most finishes but is gentle enough for even the most sensitive paint jobs. We recommend using our Orange pads with a light swirl remover like V36 or a one-step polish like VSS.

How To Use Orange Hex-Logic Cutting Pad

  1. Center the Pad onto the backing plate.
  2. Apply 5 dime-sized dots of compound or polish.
  3. Spray Polishing Pad Conditioner onto the face of the pad.
  4. Work product into the surface of the vehicle.

Product Details

Color Orange
Applicable Finishes Paintwork
Paint Condition Good, Okay