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Mr. Sprayer Foamer

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Mr. Sprayer Foamer is the foaming pump sprayer that makes any cleaning job fast and easy by dispensing a constant stream of thick cleaning suds with just some simple pumps.

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  • Produces thick foam for a deep clean
  • Makes any cleaning job fast, easy, and fun
  • Simply pump and squeeze for thick foam
  • Perfect for exterior and interior
  • Large 50oz bottle holds tons of product for long details
  • Clean wheels, tires, brakes, undercarriage, engine bays
  • Perfect for fabric, upholstery, carpet, and more
  • Heavy duty translucent tank with level indicator
  • Professional base for greater stability
  • Large opening for easy filling
  • Time saving fast and easy assembly and taking apart for cleaning and maintenance - and tool free!

What makes Mr. Sprayer Foamer awesome

Simply Pump and Squeeze

Ever wanted thick suds without the effort? Mr. Sprayer Foamer makes cleaning your car with thick suds fast, easy, and fun! Simply prime the pump and squeeze the trigger for a seemingly unending stream of foam for a deep clean. Mr. Sprayer Foamer mixes the perfect amount of your favorite liquid cleaner and air to produce thick foam to clean your interior and exterior. Foam inside tight cracks and crevices and get those tight hard to reach areas with ease- with Mr. Sprayer Foamer, cleaning your car just got a whole lot easier!

Use It Everywhere

Get a new level of clean all over your car with Mr. Sprayer Foamer! Spray thick foam all over the dirtiest parts of your car including your wheels, tires, brakes, undercarriage, and engine bay for a deep clean. Use Mr. Sprayer Foamer on your interior to apply thick cleansing foam on your fabric, upholstery, hard surfaces, and even your leather! The locking trigger and ergonomic design make detailing your car a fun and comfortable task. With Mr. Sprayer Foamer, even the largest interiors become a quick job that anyone can accomplish with ease.

How to use Mr. Sprayer Foamer

  1. Dilute foaming product bottle
  2. Twist on Foamer head unit
  3. Pump around 15-20 pumps, or until you reach resistance
  4. Depress trigger to shoot foam!
  1. After use, depress red Pressure Release Valve
  2. Twist off Foamer Head Unit
  3. Refill with warm water and repeat steps 2-4 until interior is flushed clean

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