Mr. Pink Foam Party

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Mr. Pink Foam Party

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Mr. Pink Foam Party combines the cleaning power of Mr. Pink, the foaming power of our Snow Foam, and a wax polymer to clean, protect, and add shine to your vehicle’s exterior.
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  • Among our soaps, Mr. Pink Foam Party is even foamier than the original Mr. Pink. It’s an all-in-one cleaner that cleans your vehicle and leaves a brilliant shine.
  • Coats your vehicle in billions of scrubbing bubbles
  • Gently glides dirt and debris off paintwork and rinses clean without residue
  • Blended with wax polymers that reduce the risk of scratching and leave behind a protectant shine
  • pH-neutral formula won't impact any coatings

What makes Mr. Pink Foam Party awesome

Unique Formula Minimizes Swirling And Scratching

Many detailing shampoos and low-grade car wash soaps on the market tend to be overly abrasive, stripping wax off your vehicle’s surface, staining plastic and rubber parts, and causing scratches and swirls that make your paintwork appear dull and neglected. Mr. Pink Foam Party is pH-balanced and gentle on all exterior automobile surfaces like paint, clear coat, polished metals, glass, and even vinyl, rubber, and plastic trim. 

Billions Of Soft, Scrubbing Bubbles—and Brilliant Shine

Mr. Pink Foam Party contains powerful hyper-surfactants that create billions of scrubbing bubbles to cut through dirt and grime while lifting and guiding them from sensitive automotive paintwork. The ultra-foamy, fluffy formula rinses clean with no residue and also contains water softeners to help reduce hard water spots. Finally, professional-grade wax polymers leave behind a protective coating that helps protect your car’s paintwork from dirt, grime, and the elements while providing a brilliant shine that lasts for weeks.


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  Mr. Pink Foam Party Mr. Pink Car Wash Shampoo HydroSuds Ceramic Car Wash Soap Extreme Bodywash & Wax Honeydew Snow Foam
Product Mr. Pink Foam Party Mr. Pink Car Wash Shampoo HydroSuds Ceramic Car Wash Soap Extreme Bodywash & Wax Honeydew Snow Foam
Price $11.99 $9.99 $19.99 $11.99 $10.99
Adds Hydrophobic Properties
Hydrophobic properties in car wash soaps refer to the ability of the soap to repel water, leading to quicker and more effective drying of the vehicle's surface.
Adds Protection
Shine Level High Medium High High Medium
Foam Level Very High Medium High High High
Cleaning Power Moderate Moderate Moderate Moderate Moderate
Recommended Wash Method Bucket WashFoam BlasterFoam Cannon Bucket Wash Foam BlasterFoam Cannon Bucket WashFoam BlasterFoam Cannon Bucket WashFoam BlasterFoam Cannon
Scent Tangerine Bubble Gum Grape Grape Honeydew

How to use Mr. Pink Foam Party

Spraying a car with tons of sudsy foam with Mr. Pink Foam Party and the TORQ Foam Blaster 6

For Bucket Wash

Add 1 to 3 oz to a 5-gallon bucket. Wash surface with your car wash mitt and soapy solution. Rinse with clean water and dry with a premium microfiber towel.

For Foam Gun or Foam Cannon (Recommended)

For a High Foam Touchless Wash, add 1 to 3 oz of Mr. Pink Foam Party to a 32 oz solution tank of foam cannon or gun. Spray vehicle with thick wash foam to protect the paint against swirls and scratches. Wash the surface with a wash mitt, then rinse with clean water and dry with a premium microfiber towel.

Product Details

SKU(s) CWS22116, CWS22164, CWS221
Scent Tangerine
Product Form Liquid
Paint Condition Like New, Good, Okay

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