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Foam Cannon & Snubby Snow Foam Kit

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With the Max Foam 8 Foam Cannon & Snubby Pressure Washer Attachment, you'll fire off thick scrubbing Honeydew-scented bubbles like nobody's business that, when wiped away, result in a gleaming finish.

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What's In the Kit

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The TORQ Max Foam 8 Foam Cannon works with pressure washers to produce thick suds that gently wash your vehicle’s surfaces and small crevices. Its thread-lock system also prevents wear & tear on bottles.

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The Snubby makes shooting thick car washing foam all over your car manageable and easy for all with a compact design so you don’t have to use that long and unwieldy pressure washer wand.

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Honeydew Snow Foam is a high-tech shampoo designed to create billions of cleaning suds in a foam cannon or foam gun, generously lubricating surfaces to avoid scratching during washing.

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