TORQ Snubby Pressure Washer Gun - Foam Cannon Attachment

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TORQ Snubby Pressure Washer Gun - Foam Cannon Attachment

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Introducing the redesigned Snubby Gun, a compact pressure washer gun that upgrades your car wash routine. With a sleek, lightweight design and ergonomic features, cleaning has never been easier or more efficient. Enjoy precision spray, a satisfying trigger, and a no-tangle rotating hose. Experience the ultimate maneuverability and effectiveness with our small yet mighty wand.
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  • Delivers the force of a full-sized wand in a compact, lightweight, easy-to-handle size
  • SwivelFlow 360-degree Inlet Design for full rotation and tangle-free operation
  • UltraGrip Rubber Handle for a secure, comfortable grip
  • SafeGuard Trigger Lock to prevent accidental sprays and ensure safe storage
  • EasyPull Ergonomic Trigger to reduce hand fatigue and provide effortless control
  • For use with gas and electric pressure washers
  • Includes three adapters for easy connectivity with pressure washers & foam cannons
  • Pair with Foam Cannon and our ProFlow Pressure Washer for an upgraded precise wash process


Compact Design for Precision Washing

The Snubby Gun is a short-pressure washer gun that offers enhanced maneuverability and control, making it perfect for precision cleaning tasks. Say goodbye to twisting and kinking hoses with the SwivelFlow 360-degree Inlet Design, which allows for full rotation and maximum flexibility. The UltraGrip Rubber Handle provides a secure, comfortable grip, making your pressure washing sessions smoother and faster. Safety meets convenience with the SafeGuard Trigger Lock, which helps to prevent accidental sprays and ensures safe storage when not in use.


Engineered for Comfort and Efficiency

The Snubby Gun is not just a pressure washer; it's a cleaning powerhouse. Combining the force of a full-sized wand with a compact, easy-to-handle design, it's perfect for any cleaning job. The EasyPull Ergonomic Trigger is your secret weapon against hand fatigue, allowing you to efficiently power through your cleaning tasks. Take precise control of your pressure washing, making your cleaning experience more efficient and enjoyable. The Snubby replaces the long wand to get into tight spaces more easily and is compatible with gas and electric pressure washers. Supercharge your washing experience by pairing it with your Big Mouth Foam Cannon for a wash that is easier to tackle.


From Cars to Corners

From cars to corners, the Snubby Gun is your all-in-one cleaning solution. Perfect for washing cars, cleaning outdoor furniture, or tackling tough driveway grime, it handles it all with ease. Its compact design excels in confined spaces, making it ideal for hard-to-reach areas. Whether you're a professional detailer or a weekend warrior, this versatile tool delivers big results every time.

How To Use TORQ Snubby Pressure Washer Gun

  1. Ensure pressure washer is off.
  2. Determine if your pressure washer has a quick release or not.
  3. If your pressure has a quick release, attach the ⅜” Male Quick Release connector to the bottom of the Snubby, then attach to your pressure washer.
  4. If your pressure washer does not have a quick release, use the Twist & Plug Connector to attach the Snubby to your pressure washer.
  5. Attach the ¼” female Quick Release Coupler to the Snubby, then attach your compatible foam cannon.
  6. Ensure that foam cannon is securely attached and clicked in. Point in direction away from vehicle to test.

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