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TORQ Max Foam 8 Professional Foam Cannon

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TORQ Max Foam 8 Professional Foam Cannon

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The TORQ Max Foam 8 Foam Cannon works with pressure washers to produce thick suds that gently wash your vehicle’s surfaces and small crevices. Its thread-lock system also prevents wear & tear on bottles.
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Spraying tons of foam on a car with the TORQ Professional Foam Cannon Max Foam 8
  • Among our foam cannons, the TORQ MaxFoam 8 boasts a thread-lock system to prevent wear and tear on bottles.
  • Sprays thick, clinging foam 
  • Easily hooks up to most pressure washers
  • Shoots cleansing suds into cracks and crevices
  • Preserves a scratch and swirl-free paintwork finish
  • Features a thread-lock-seal system that preserves 32 oz. bottles from wear and tear

What makes the TORQ Max Foam 8 awesome

Professional Results At Home

The TORQ Max Foam 8 sprays thick foam that sticks to and lubricates dirt particles so they can be removed easily without risking scratching. It produces thick, snow-like foam to help remove dirt from even the smallest cracks and crevices while reducing swirl marks to maintain a flawless finish after every wash.

Durable Construction That Lasts

The solid brass components of the TORQ Max Foam 8 resist harmful corrosion, while its high-quality plastic parts reject harmful UV rays that can cause cracks and breaks. Units ship with a standard ¼’’ Quick-Connect adaptor that directly attaches the Foam Cannon to the pressure washer wand. It also features the patented TORQ Threadlock System on the threads, saving bottles from early wear and tear.

How to use the TORQ Max Foam 8

The Professional Max Foam 8 Cannon works with any gas or electric pressure washer 500-3,500 PSI. Never exceed 4,200 PSI. Minimum 1.4 GPM; 2.0 GPM recommended; Never Exceed 5.3 GPM. 

Unscrew the fluid tank from the foam cannon unit and fill the tank with warm water. Add 1-3 ounces of car wash soap, then attach the fluid tank to the foam cannon unit.

Rinse the car with water to remove loose debris and grime, then reattach the foam cannon to the pressure washer wand via the quick-release nozzle.

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