Black Hex-Logic Quantum Finishing Pad

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Black Hex-Logic Quantum Finishing Pad

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The Black Hex-Logic Quantum Finishing Pad is designed with no cut, making it ideal for smoothly spreading final sealants and wax coatings evenly on freshly polished paint finishes. 
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  • Adds a coat of deep wet shine and protection to your car’s paint after polishing
  • Helps seal your paintwork against the elements
  • Easily conforms to contoured surfaces for even application
  • Achieves the best results while using minimal product
  • Quantum Pad has an added vent hole to prevent overheating

What Makes Black Hex-Logic Quantum Finishing Pad Awesome

No-Cut Design Ensures an Even Layer of Sealants and Waxes

The Black Hex-Logic Quantum Finishing Pad Finishing Pad effortlessly applies an even layer of sealant or wax, ensuring a flawless coat that protects against the elements and enhances shine. The gentle, no-cut action of the pad minimizes product waste while maximizing results.

Geometric Hex-Logic Technology

Hex-Logic Pads use laser-cut hexagons to evenly spread product across flat or angled surfaces, delivering 100% coverage and consistent results. Honeycomb-like grooves hold the product in the pad for smoother application, reducing friction and scratches during use. The hex-cut surface adapts to any exterior shape and provides maximum surface contact while minimizing heat. And thanks to the Precision Port vent hole in the center that disperses even more heat, your pad and machine will endure less wear & tear and last for much longer. 

How To Use Black Hex-Logic Quantum Finishing Pad

  1. Center the Pad onto your backing plate.
  2. Apply 5 dime-size dots of glaze, sealant, or wax.
  3. Spread product into the surface of the vehicle.

Product Details

Color Black
Applicable Finishes Paintwork
Paint Condition Like New, Good