Premium Dressing, Wax & Conditioner Applicator, Race Striped



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Use It With

The Small Race Stripe Premium Dressing & Conditioner Applicator Pad is great for both interior and exterior uses. This applicator uses an easy-to-grip premium poly sponge encased in a durable cotton terry knit weave.

Use This Applicator For: 

  • Great for interior and exterior use on any vehicle
  • Use on leather upholstery, plastic, rubber, vinyl trim, tires, and more
  • Spreads conditioners, dressings, polishes, and waxes smoothly
  • Light abrasive action great for cleaning leather
  • Stores dressings and conditioners for repeated future usage

Premium Applicator Pad

The Small Race Strip Applicator Pad is durable for repeated uses and soft for versatile applications all over any vehicle. The Race Stripe Applicator is woven from durable terry cloth cotton, and is perfect for gentle scrubbing on leather upholstery, vinyl door panels, and plastic dashboards and trim pieces. The soft scrubbing action is perfect for removing bug splatter, dried on bird droppings, struck on tree sap, and stubborn road tar.

About This Applicator

The plush applicator pad stores dressings and cleaners for repeated uses, and is machine washable for versatile applications inside and outside any vehicle. Use the Small Race Stripe Applicator to spread leather conditioners, leather serums, plastic and rubber trim dressings and protectants, and even car paint wax, glaze, and sealant. The light scrubbing action is perfect for gentle leather cleaning, and even for removing bugs, tar, and sap from sensitive car paintwork.

  1. Clean the surface to be coated, protected, or dressed.
  2. Use an all purpose cleaner, car wash soap, or specialty cleaner to remove any embedded debris, dirt, grease, or grime.
  3. Apply 3 - 6 dots of any Chemical Guys cream or gel product onto the applicator pad.
  4. Gently spread the chosen product over the workpiece in straight lines.
  5. Work to ensure a thin, even coat over the entire surface. Store in a clean, dry place between uses.


5 – 10 Minutes




Wash Surface 

Clay Surface