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Heavy Duty Water Spot Remover

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Heavy Duty Water Spot Remover

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Discover the magic of our Heavy Duty Water Spot Remover: a specialized gel designed to swiftly and effortlessly banish pesky water stains and stubborn hard water spots, leaving your surfaces gleaming and pristine in no time.
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Removing water spots from a truck grille using Heavy Duty Water Spot Remover
  • Mildly acidic formula neutralizes alkaline and hard water stains from paintwork, glass, and polished metal 
  • Preps vehicle surfaces for wax protection
  • Prevents permanent damage from hard water

What makes Heavy Duty Water Spot Remover awesome

Prevent Damage While Restoring Glossy Looks to Surfaces

Water spot damage can begin when droplets of water land on paintwork and other automotive surfaces. As the water evaporates, mineral deposits inside the droplet are left behind as a stain on the surface. When left unaddressed, water spots can etch deeper into the surface and become more difficult to remove, potentially leading to permanent damage that may require polishing, wet sanding, and even repainting. Heavy Duty Water Spot Remover prevents long-term damage from water spots while restoring surfaces to a clean, spot-free appearance. 

Instantly Removes Water Spots 

Heavy Duty Water Spot Remover erases alkaline water mineral stains from paintwork, glass, and polished metal surfaces. Its mild, acid-based formula safely neutralizes even the most stubborn water spots and easily cleans up when you use water, detail sprays, and waterless cleaning solutions. Using Heavy Duty Water Spot Remover also preps your surfaces for waxing and sealants, providing extra protection against water spots in the future.

How to use Heavy Duty Water Spot Remover

In an area out of direct sunlight, clean the surface to remove any loose dirt, debris, or abrasive contamination. Work 3-5 dots of Heavy Duty Water Spot Remover over a 2’ x 2’ area with a microfiber applicator. Then re-clean the area with plenty of water, quick detail spray, or a waterless wash solution to neutralize the gel. If desired, apply wax or sealant to the area to help prevent future contamination and water spot etching.

Note: Always spray on a small test area first before applying to larger areas. Not recommended for use on mirror surfaces.

Product Details

SKU(s) SPI10816
Product Form Gel
Applicable Finishes Paintwork, Glass, Metal, Stainless Steel, Aluminum
Paint Condition Good, Okay, Poor

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