How to Quickly Detail your Car with Quick Sprays

There is nothing like the satisfaction of washing and waxing your car and seeing the shine come alive. Unfortunately, nature happens and all the dust, tree sap, and anything you can think of falls on your car bringing the shine level back down.

Enter Chemical Guys Quick Detail Sprays to help you wipe off dust, dirt, or other droppings off the surface of your car while keeping the shine alive and adding protection.

Step 1

When you start to see dust build up, recent bird droppings or just nasty fingerprints on your paint grab one of our awesome detail sprays to help you remove those nasty contaminants.

Step 2

Determined the area you desire to clean up, spray two to three sprays of your favorite detail spray covering the desired area. The detail spray will start to loosen up the contaminants and will agitate the surface using a synthetic formula of chemicals.

Step 3

Using an ultra plush towel like our Happy Ending Towel, wipe away the contaminants from top to bottom, or left to right. Never go in circles as that will work in microparticles in the paint possibly scratching your paint. Repeat the process until you have a desired result.

Step 4

Once you have the desired result, stand back a few feet to see if you missed any spots. If not, admire the shine and enjoy the satisfaction of having once again a clean, shiny car!

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