Exterior How-To's

Get professional results with Chemical Guys' exterior detailing how-to's. Learn the tips, tricks and techniques for maintaining a flawless finish on your vehicle's exterior.
How to Clean a Muddy Truck with Tough Mudder Truck Wash
Tough mud can stick on your truck or car and damage your vehicle. Learn how you get it off correctly using the right products and accessories.
How to Clean Car Trim
Learn to clean and maintain car trim, removing daily grime or polish residues, and finishing with protective dressings for a restored, protected look.
Flow Chart for Detailing Your Car
Master car detailing with this comprehensive guide. From basic wash to advanced paint correction, it covers every step, offering tailored solutions for all paint conditions.
How Do Foam Cannons Work for Washing Your Car?
Discover the magic of a foam cannon for washing your car - a key to thick, sudsy car washes, minimizing swirls and scratches for a perfect shine.