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Foam Guns & Foam Cannons

Foam Guns & Foam Cannons

Find the perfect foam cannon with our complete selection of car wash foam guns and cannons, all made to the premium standard you can expect from Chemical Guys. Foam cannon, soap and blast your car clean with our full range.
$49.99 $69.99 MSRP

The Foam Blaster 6 adds variable foam action to paintwork during your car wash without an expensive pressure washer- simply attach to your garden ho ... se, turn the dial, and shoot cleansing foam! 

$89.99 $129.99 MSRP

The all-new TORQ Big Mouth Max Release Foam Cannon packs a giant head, a gigantic bottle mouth, and fully adjustable foam stream to shoot ... epic shaving cream-like thick suds for the slickest, safest, and most fun wash ever!

$39.99 $69.99 MSRP

The Snubby makes shooting thick car washing foam all over your car manageable and easy for all with a compact design so you don’t have to use th ... at long and unwieldy pressure washer wand!

$9.99 $14.99 MSRP

The Big Mouth Foam Cannon Replacement Bottle is the perfect companion to your Big Mouth Foam Cannon with its extra wide mouth, ultra cl ... ear canister, and heavy duty construction. It’s the accessory that every Big Mouth Foam Cannon user should keep on hand!

$89.99 $114.99 MSRP

TORQ Foam Cannons blend the perfect amount of air, water, and soap to spray thick foam that sticks to and lubricates rough dirt particles to prevent ... swirls and scratches with every wipe of your wash mitt. 

$39.99 $56.99 MSRP

The TORQ Foam Blaster R1 attaches to any standard garden hose to shoot foaming suds during your car wash to prevent swirls and scratches without req ... uiring a pressure washer!

$89.99 $109.99 MSRP

TORQ MaxFoam 8 Foam Cannon! The new and improved Max Foam 8 produces 30% thicker suds, features the thread lock seal system, and works wit ... h a wider range of pressure washer designs.

$4.99 - $9.99

TORQ Foam Cannon Replacement Bottles are OEM replacements that fit your TORQ Foam Cannon perfectly for the tightest seal, longest lasting durability ... , and thickest foam.

$84.99 $109.99 MSRP

The MTM Next Generation foam cannon is the perfect choice for the detailing professional or weekend warrior looking to wash any vehicle u ... sing the amazing cleaning power of thick fluffy foam.

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