TORQ 15DA 15mm Long-Throw Random Orbital Polisher

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TORQ 15DA 15mm Long-Throw Random Orbital Polisher

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The TORQ 15DA is a long-throw, dual-action polisher that quickly removes scratches and swirls to get your paint back to a mirror-like shine—all with minimal effort and maximum comfort.
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Polishing the tailgate of a truck with the TORQ15DA polisher
  • Among our polishers, the TORQ 15DA is the best polisher for those looking for a highly capable machine that covers more surface area
  • Restores a mirror-like shine to your paint
  • An extra-long throw, more powerful motor, and 1800-500 RPM range removes scratches & swirls quickly
  • Digital display and speed adjustment button offers precise control over the machine
  • An ergonomic plastic body reduces vibration for better handling 

What makes the TORQ 15DA awesome

The Next Step in Precision Polishing

With its extra-long throw and powerful 900-watt motor, the TORQ 15DA quickly corrects scratches, swirls, and other imperfections on your vehicle. And, for the first time, a TORQ polisher comes equipped with a digital display that instantly shows your polishing speed for ultimate control and consistency.

A Versatile Detailing Tool That’s Comfortable to Use for Longer Periods

Equipped with a 5” backing plate, the TORQ 15DA comes ready to use for rapid paint correction on any size job. Perfect for painted surfaces, the TORQ 15DA will also accept a hook-and-loop carpet or upholstery brush to scrub your dirty interior. The machine’s high-powered motor is housed in an ergonomic plastic body that’s easy to hold and, thanks to minimal vibration, enables you to tackle extended detailing jobs without discomfort or fatigue.


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  TORQ 15DA 15mm Long-Throw Random Orbital Polisher TORQ 10FX Random Orbital Polisher
Product TORQ 15DA 15mm Long-Throw Random Orbital Polisher TORQ 10FX Random Orbital Polisher
Price $259.99 $199.99
Adjustable Speed (RPM) 1800-5500 1500-4200
Power 900W 700W
Orbit refers to the amount the pad swings out from the center of the machine–a longer throw covers more surface area to tackle jobs more quickly.
15mm 8mm
Weight 5.7 lb 5.6 lb
Compatible Pads 5 inch, 6 inch 3 inch, 5 inch, 6 inch
Digital Display
Ergonomic Handle
Soft Start
Skill Level Intermediate Beginner, Intermediate

How to use the TORQ 15DA

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Applicable Finishes Paintwork