Signature Series Orange Degreaser

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Signature Series Orange Degreaser

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Signature Series Orange Degreaser is a concentrated powerhouse, ready to tackle the filth on your engine, undercarriage, tools, and tires. With its versatile dilution options, this is the go-to cleaning solution for the worst of messes.
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Cleaning engine bay with Signature Series Orange Degreaser
  • Among our degreasers, the Signature Series Orange Degreaser is a heavy duty cleaner for engines, tools & tires.
  • Professional-strength citrus degreaser for heavy-duty cleaning
  • Concentrated formula allows customizable dilution for various cleaning tasks
  • Easily cleans motor oil, coolant, hydraulic fluid, or diesel fuel from engines and other surfaces
  • Remove caked-on mud, grease, and road grime from wheels, suspension components, and undercarriage parts

What makes Signature Series Orange Degreaser awesome

Deep clean the worst greasy mess

Unleash the power of our heavy-duty citrus degreaser, the ultimate solution for tackling the toughest dirt, grime, and grease. This professional-strength formula is designed for deep-cleaning engines, undercarriages, tools, and tires. Powered by potent citrus extracts and hyper surfactants, it effortlessly cuts through oil and grease.

Dilute to desired strength

Its concentrated nature offers flexibility, allowing you to tailor the solution to meet the demands of any cleaning task. You can transition from intense cleaning on wheels and undercarriages to lighter duty messes in the garage or shop. Get an unparalleled cleaning experience tailored to your needs.


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  Signature Series Orange Degreaser All Clean+ All Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser
Product Signature Series Orange Degreaser All Clean+ All Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser
Price $11.99 $5.99
Cleaning Power High Moderate
Foam Level None Medium
Carpet Safe

How to use Signature Series Orange Degreaser

Dilute product to desired strength: at a minimum 6 parts water to 1 part degreaser for extreme cleaning, 10-15 parts water to 1 part degreaser for medium cleaning, or 25-40 parts water to 1 part degreaser for lighter messes..

Spray on tough stubborn spots and allow it to soak for a minute or two. Scrub surface with brush if needed and then rinse thoroughly with a clean stream of water.

Note: Always spray on a small test area first before applying to larger areas

Product Details

SKU(s) CLD_201_16, CLD_201
Product Form Liquid
Applicable Finishes Vinyl, Plastic, Rubber, Stainless Steel, Metal, Aluminum

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