Roof to Wheels Wash & Clean Deluxe Kit w/Organizer Caddy

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Roof to Wheels Wash & Clean Deluxe Kit w/Organizer Caddy

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Give your car the ultimate clean, protect all your surfaces with the power of ceramic, and perfectly store and carry all of your essentials with the Roof to Wheels Wash & Clean Deluxe Kit with Organizer Caddy
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What Makes Quick Load Hydro Ceramic Detailing Kit Awesome

Achieve The Most Thorough Clean

With the Quick Load Caddy Hydro Ceramic Exterior & Interior Detailing Kit, you can achieve a professional level wash all on your own and keep your entire arsenal stored and organized for detailing on the go! Give your wheels the ultimate deep clean with Sticky Citrus Wheel Cleaner and the Big Blue Stiffy- the perfect combo for knocking off tough dirt and road grime from your tires. Remove the stuck-in embedded debris with your Medium Duty Clay Bar and Clay Luber for a mirror smooth surface and to help your coating bond to your paint best. When you’re done, keep everything organized and by your side with the Quick Load Carrying Caddy!

Protect With The Power Of Ceramic

HydroSuds not only cleans your vehicle but also enhances your ceramic coat and adds durable protection of its own. Produce thick foaming suds to lubricate your vehicle for perfect scratch-free washing, and leave behind a silica rich layer of ceramic protection with every wash. Apply a coat of HydroSlick HyperWax to your paint to achieve intense UV protection and a powerful hydrophobic guard against the elements, lightly clean your ride while adding gloss and enhancing your ceramic protection between washes with HydroSpeed Ceramic Quick Detailer, and keep your arsenal stored and organized in the Quick Load Carrying Caddy so you’re always ready to detail on the go!

Deep Clean & Guard Your Interior

So you’ve washed, shined, and protected your car’s exterior, but let’s not forget about the area of your ride where you spend the most time: your interior! With HydroInterior, you can clean your dashboard, steering wheel, door panels, and more while adding the incredible long lasting protective properties of ceramic into the most important area of your car! Use Lighting Fast Stain Extractor and your Nice & Stiff Carpet brush on your fabric upholstery, carpets, and floor mats to reach deep into fibers and remove deep-set dirt and stains for the cleanest interior you’ve ever seen. When you’re finished, protect all of your fabric and upholstery by spraying on HydroThread to coat your fabric with a layer of ceramic protection to bead liquids and fresh spills right off your upholstery, preventing future stains!

  • Easily store your arsenal for detailing on the go
  • Combines pH neutral soap & Si02 to clean & protect
  • Decontaminates & smooths paintwork to restore shine
  • Easy to use ceramic coating that applies in seconds
  • Breaks down & removes stuck on dirt & debris from wheels
  • Get hyperactive water beading on paint, chrome, & more
  • Enjoy durable ceramic protection on the inside of your car
  • Achieve intense hydrophobic water beading on fabric & upholstery
  • Heavy duty bristles deep cleans and restores tires with ease
  • Restore fabric, upholstery, & carpet to “like new” condition
  • Separates individual fibers to lift and remove deep set stains

Please Note: The color and or packaging on accessories featured in the kit may vary from what is displayed in the image.

What's in the Kit

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When a light-duty clay bar can’t cut through the filth, bust out this Medium Duty Clay Bar. It will decontaminate your vehicle and restore your rough paintwork to a smooth-as-glass feel and help wax and sealant last longer.
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Revamp your vehicle's interior with Lightning Fast Stain Extractor. This potent liquid spray eliminates stubborn stains and odors, leaving your car interior fresh and clean. A must-have for cleaning fabric and upholstery.
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The Big Blue Stiffy Heavy Duty Tire Brush is the durable ultimate tire and carpet revival companion! Engineered with tough, stiff bristles, this powerhouse brush is your go-to for tackling grimy tires and filthy carpets, restoring them to their former glory.
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Your secret weapon against tough grime on wheels and rims! This thick, all-natural formula doesn't just clean, it clings! Battle dust and debris head-on for a shine like none other - with minimal scrubbing!
Regular price $24.99
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HydroThread is a super hydrophobic stain guard that offers the protection of a ceramic specifically for textiles. It’s engineered for extreme durability and hydrophobicity on fabric and cloth surfaces. You’ll love how it helps repel water and stains without compromising the look and feel of the fabric.
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Revolutionize your car's interior with HydroInterior, bringing the power of ceramic coating to your dashboard and trim. Upgrade your detailing with easy application, UV resistance, and self-cleaning properties for a long-lasting, non-greasy finish.
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The Quick Load Carrying Caddy & Storage Organizer is the perfectly sized, ultra convenient, fully collapsible caddy to help you organize and store your bottles, brushes, towels, applicators, tools, supplies, and anything else you need to take on the go.
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The Nice & Stiff Heavy Duty Carpet and Interior Brush is a stiff-bristled, intense cleaning brush that reaches deep into carpet fibers & floor mats, lifting dirt and grime to restore a spot- and stain-free appearance to your carpet and durable upholstery.
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HydroSlick is a true ceramic coating that provides superior protection, brilliant shine, and optical clarity. This gel formula is applied with an applicator and buffed off like a wax, and lasts for up to a year.
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Clay Luber lays down a coat of slick lubrication between the clay bar and your paintwork to help your clay bar or synthetic substitute glide and slide without getting stuck or marring the surface. 
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Introducing HydroSpeed: the ultimate car spray infused with hydrophobic polymers and SiO2 nanoparticles. Easy to apply, it delivers a stunning shiny finish, shields your vehicle against all weather conditions, and promotes rapid water beading.
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Get ready to rev up your car cleaning routine with HydroSuds Ceramic Car Wash Soap! This isn't just any soap – it's a powerhouse packed with SiO2 for next-level ceramic protection and gloss that'll leave your ride gleaming with an eye-catching shine that'll turn heads wherever you go.

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