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Pop The Top Bottle Cap T-Shirt

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Pop The Top Bottle Cap T-Shirt

Last Chance
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The Bottle Cap Shirt is the super soft shirt that reps your fun-loving attitude, your love for delicious brewed drinks, and your passion for the Chemical Guys lifestyle in one eye-catching design.
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What Makes Pop The Top Bottle Cap T-Shirt Awesome

Share Your Passion For Shine

This exclusive design features the signature logo of your favorite detailing company flying off that delicious bottle of brew you just opened. The bottle cap artwork pops out at you in true 3D fashion- you might just want to duck so it doesn’t hit you! Even the dark yellow of the logo recalls the color of your favorite frosty drink.

Detail in Style

From the company that makes the softest microfiber comes an all-new ultra-soft tee shirt for ultimate comfort when detailing, or just chilling. The 100% ring-spun cotton shirt is so soft, you’ll want to wear it everywhere you go, especially when detailing. The premium cotton allows your skin to breathe when detailing in the hot sun, keep nasty sweat and body oils where they belong and off your newly cleaned leather.

Designed For Your Lifestyle

The black color of this exclusive tee ensures that no matter how filthy the detailing job, your shirt will always keep you looking effortlessly cool! Durable and designed to last years of detailing, this shirt is destined to become your new go-to shirt for all aspects of your busy life. With no tags, there’s nothing to get in the way between your skin and 100% ring-spun cotton, ensuring utmost comfort with no chafing or itching.

  • Share your fun-loving spirit with the world
  • Keep cool under the scorching sun
  • Let everyone know where you get your shine from
  • Rep the detailing lifestyle
  • Keep your belt buckle tucked away and off your paint

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