Car Culture Trucker Hat

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Car Culture Trucker Hat

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The Car Culture Trucker Hat keeps you feeling and looking cool when detailing on a warm sunny day while showing your love for the company that makes your ride shine. 
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What Makes Car Culture Trucker Hat Awesome

Looks Good, Works Good

The Trucker Hat allows you to represent the Chemical Guys lifestyle anywhere and everywhere you go! The tactical style cap combines a low-profile crown with a slim brim and plastic mesh for superior breathability. The custom tailored brim is just long enough to block the sun out of your eyes, but short enough so as not to rub on sensitive car parts or scratch any paintwork while detailing.

One Size Fits Most

The sleek Chemical Guys crest is embroidered off center for a bold modern look, and the adjustable snapback closure fits most heads. Wear the Trucker Hat during the Sunday morning car wash, at the beach, around town, or the morning after the party where your drunk friend shaved a bald spot on the side of your head. Next time you need some head cover, slap on the Chemical Guys Trucker Hat!

  • Keep cool on hot summer days
  • Save time in the morning
  • Block out harmful UV rays
  • Say goodbye to bad hair days forever
  • Take your look to the next level

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