Leather Nectar Leather Coating Conditioning Rejuvenator

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Leather Nectar Leather Coating Conditioning Rejuvenator

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Chemical Guys Leather Nectar Leather Coating Conditioning Rejuvenator is a powerful leather restorer that penetrates deep into the pores of leather, moisturizing it to restore long lost softness, suppleness, and richness to help maintain and prolong the elegant look, feel, texture, and brilliance of leather.
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  • Nourishes and hydrates dry & old leather
  • Revives luxurious soft & supple feel
  • Original look with no residue left behind
  • Powerful formula penetrates deep
  • Helps prolong the life & look of new leather
  • Protects up to 12 months
  • Restores a rich and elegant leather look
  • Perfect for auto, home, furniture, shoes, accessories, and more

What makes Leather Nectar awesome

For When Your Leather Needs More

Leather is porous and over time, it can grow stiff, cracked, and discolored. Just like your skin, sometimes your leather needs more than just cleaning and conditioning. When your leather requires deeper hydration, it needs another step to bring it back to life: Chemical Guys Leather Nectar! Leather Nectar is a super permeating emollient that seeps into the deepest pores of your leather to provide hydration and nourishment to restore a soft and supple look and feel before applying conditioner or serum. Leather Nectar was developed to easily infuse leather with necessary conditioning moisture to remedy years of brittleness, dryness, and neglect and help maintain and protect the look, feel, and texture of leather and can be used to prolong the brilliance of new leather. The versatile formula can be used to restore many types of leather in a variety of conditions, making Leather Nectar the ultimate restorer that you need in your leather care arsenal!

Helps Restore Original Look with Protection

Leather Nectar is the perfect nutrient source to give new life to old leather, restoring its long-lost soft, luxurious feel, and even helps maintain the fresh look of new leather. Durable protectants help shield your leather from the elements for up to 12 months to keep your leather goods looking great for longer. Designed and developed to allow for maximum breathability, Leather Nectar prevents the leather pores from sealing up, keeping your leather soft and able to breath with no residue left behind for an original look and feel. When applied, the advanced rejuvenator helps extend the life of leather, so you can enjoy supple leather for longer!

Restore All Your Leather Surfaces

Leather Nectar Leather Coating Conditioning Rejuvenator works to revitalize many colors and types of leather products such as boots, shoes, jackets, purses, handbags, furniture and upholstery, car interiors, motorcycle seats, and more. Use Leather Nectar to help moisturize and soften both old and new leather furniture, leather car interiors, and help promote flexibility on your favorite leather belt or leather shoes. Leather Nectar delivers the deep hydration and conditioning properties you have been looking for to restore the original look of all your leather goods. When your leather needs the ultimate restoring nourisher, use Chemical Guys Leather Nectar Leather Coating Conditioning Rejuvenator to restore a soft and supple feel with a rich and elegant look!

How to use Leather Nectar

  1. Clean leather with Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner & allow to completely dry. 
  2. Spray 1-3 sprays onto microfiber applicator, then massage evenly into surface. You can be more generous with the amount of product you use depending on how dry your leather feels.  Be more liberal on areas that are extra dry, rough, or old.  
  3. Let absorb for a minimum of 1-3 hours, preferably overnight. 
  4. Wipe off any excess using a clean microfiber towel. 
  5. After 24 hours, assess and repeat the steps above depending on the feel/look of your leather.
  6. Follow up with a Chemical Guys leather protectant to help resist future cracking, fading, and discoloration.

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